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    You should never hate your child's name so I think you should definitely change it. I think Vera is lovely and if that is the name you love you should go for it. I also like the idea of a Veronica with the nn Vera. Your mother got to name you and now you get to name your daughter it's not her turn it's yours so don't let her talk you into something you don't love or out of something you do. None of my family really liked my daughter's name (Freya) when we chose it but 13months later they have all warmed to it. She will get used to whatever you pick so just go with what you love.
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    Here are some ideas I like from other people's suggestions:
    Vera & Mary (from your list)
    May I just mention that two of the coolest people I ever met named their daughter Vera. Very cool and a little hipster vibe to me.
    Here are my own suggestions;
    Maura (form of Mary: Irish: close to what you have now but better)
    Mavis (a pretty retro name that has a v in it and is pretty)

    I am so sorry about the father: he sounds like a real winner and that's an understatement.
    Good Luck!

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    This is why they should do the naming paperwork sometime other than right after birth. I also had a naming mishap and left out one of my daughter's middle names (I had firmly chosen two). Vera Elizabeth is beautiful. I would fix it as soon as possible, or it may never get done.

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    Hmm... Mary-Vera Elizabeth, perhaps? It sounds beautiful to me, and now you get to have your lovely Vera and your mother gets her Mary!

    Sorry about the situation with the father. Sending my best wishes.
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    I know someone who changed her daughter's name at around 6 months. At the time, it was a very difficult decision for her, though she definitely wanted to change it. Now, several years later, her daughter is simply thought of by the new name- the first name is not thought of.

    Also, I recently had a baby girl and wanted to name her Mary, as an honor name. I hesitated b/c I felt it was too plain and common. We did decide to name her Mary and we also call her by her middle name. I have fallen in love with it and so many people love it and comment that you don't hear Mary often these days. You could potentially call her Mary Elizabeth or Mary Beth. Good luck!

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