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    I would change it before she starts to recognise her name don't feel bad! She's got to have it forever so have the one you feel suits her the most! Off your list id go with Ivori. But I'd also say maybe you should just go with what you feel she suits now you've got to know her and seen her grow other people's opinions aren't always best!

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    That's a tricky situation. On one hand, just because he's out of the picture now doesn't mean that he will be out of the picture forever. Changing her name (a name that he essentially picked out) could come across as an attempt to alienate him further, even though he was the one to alienate himself first. It would be an awkward conversation if he appears in her life at a later point and he were to say, "Well, we actually named you Auriana, but when we split up, your Mom changed your name." On the other hand, you are her mother and will be there through thick and thin, and if Auriana is painful to you, you should find something that isn't painful.

    Maybe a compromise would be to keep Auriana as a middle name. Vera Auriana Elizabeth. You almost never use a child's middle name(s) anyway, so that way you get to use a name that you like without having to justify to your child why you scrapped the name that you and her father chose together.

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    Marie Elizabeth is beautiful.

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    Definitely change it now, while she's young enough not to know. In a few months she'll start recognizing her own name.

    Pick a top two or three and start calling her by each of them. The one that feels most right to you is the one you should rename her.

    I also think you may want to sit down with your mother and explain how you're feeling, that you're going to change her name, that you care about her opinion, why you need to change it, etc. Rather than just announcing that your kid has a new name, involve her in the process, let her help narrow it down (but as the mother, you have the final say, not her. Stay strong about a name you adore if its what feels right)

    And about the guy? Screw him for not wanting to be part of his daughter's life. He deserves no consideration at all in this process. If one day years from now he feels bad four abandoning his daughter and comes to find that the girl he thought was Auriana is actually Vera or Verona or Maria or anything else? Who cares! He chose not to be a part of her life, there is absolutely no reason to keep a name he chose.
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    You should name your baby whatever YOU and your partner like. It's nothing to do with your mom. I'm pregnant and my husband and I aren't even telling anyone (outside of nameberry) our picks for names because it's our choice.
    I think Vera Elizabeth is a wonderful name and your little girl will be proud to know her mummy stood up for herself. Your mom will get used to it.

    Edit: Just read the bit about the baby's dad. As said above, he deserves no consideration what so ever! Go with what makes you happy, girl!
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