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    Well, Goldie Hawn's granddaughter is Rio Hudson... which is basically a play on River Hudson and Rio de Janeiro.
    So River Jordan has company.

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    I honestly don't know what I would pair with Huckleberry other than Finn. The only thing that really bother's me is River Jordan, because it sounds like you're talking about the actual river, Jordan. To be honest River and Huckleberry go good together, but Jordan makes the name sound continents away.

    I personally love Huckleberry and Finn, but it could get him teased. Here are some combo's I think you may like or get ideas from. (I did look at your name list.)

    Finnegan Huck
    Huckley Finn / Huck Finn
    Olly River
    Shephard River / River Shephard
    Sawyer River / River Sawyer
    Sunny River
    Townsend River / River Townsend (I've actually met a Townzen and he's was a chill, cool guy.)
    River Thomas / Thomas River / Rio Thomas / Thomas Rio
    I also think you might like Seamus.

    My favorites are in bold.

    That's all I can come up with. I think your name taste on your signature makes sense, but your Names List seems to be all over the place. You have a wide variety of names and styles.
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    My theory is that with a very adventurous first name, there should be a more sedate middle name just in case he/she has a hard time wearing the name in certain professional situations.

    Huckleberry James
    Huckleberry John
    Huckleberry Thomas
    Huckleberry Zane
    Huckleberry Eli
    Huckleberry Oliver
    Huckleberry Miles
    Huckleberry Asher

    I might also reconsider River Jordan unless you are really wanting to make a religious statement with your child's name. I just keep thinking about the gospelgrass song River of Jordan. If it is an important family name, then disregard that.

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    I have to agree with liviajoan and tomaura226. River is a fantastic nature name, but paired with Jordan, I feel like I'm listening to the Gospel in church, not looking at someone's name. It's much too obvious a reference, as is Huckleberry Finn. They're both ideas that sound great and adorable in theory, but then all of a sudden they're teenagers, running around saying that they can't stand Mark Twain or they're not into religion and "Why did you do this?"

    I completely agree with tomaura about Huckleberry's middle name: it should be much more subtle so that he can use the middle name and abbreviate Huckleberry as H. if he has to.

    Other middle name suggestions:

    Huckleberry Peter (two literary heroes)
    Huckleberry Michael
    Huckleberry Andrew
    Huckleberry Philip
    Huckleberry Patrick
    Huckleberry Noah
    Huckleberry Louis
    Huckleberry Nathan

    livia's suggestion of Finnegan Huck is also really great---more subtle, so it takes a little while to get the reference.

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    River Jordan has religious significance to me and my father picked his middle name out so that's why I chose it.
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