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Thread: OMG Plot Twist!

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    OMG Plot Twist!

    I just had to post this because I'm kind of in shock. The unthinkable has happened: He just said yes to River!!!!

    You all know my undying love for word names, and many of you know that my Husband insists that names be practical enough to work on a real baby, so all of my word names are vetoed or approved as middles only. We're both die-hard Firefly fans and I've brought up River before, partially because I love word names and partially because River Tam is such a classic example of Joss Whedon's quirky badass female characters, a namesake I think any girl would be proud to share. He's vetoed her every time.

    Well, recently we've been watching Doctor Who, and we just finished the episode where River Song's true identity is revealed. I've adored River Song's character since she first appeared, and this episode had me so excited with all the play on words involved between her two names with the whole "the only water in the forest is the River" thing, that I turned to Husbie and said, "What about River, baby, as a name?" And he gave me this HUGE grin and winked and said, "I could be persuaded. I could definitely be persuaded."


    Of course this means I'm going to have to do some major reorganizing of my girls' list, but I'll get to that later. Right now I just want to break out my happy dance. Squee!
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    Yay! I wish my last name didn't sound like "Noise". River Noise isn't a good combo lol. LOVE River Tam.

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    River is a nice name. I'm considering it for my girl list as well!
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    Sweet. I'm glad to see anyone so happy.

    I had thought of River as a boy's name, but it works well for a girl. I go weak at the knees for most nature names, and this is one of the best.

    Enjoy the name -- and the baby.

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    Yay! River is such a pretty name, and River Tam and River Song are such awesome kickass females. I recently got the boyfriend to add Thora to the list which made me VERY happy. It's one of those names I sneak into conversations from time to time, hoping he'll see how perfect it is, and he finally came around, so I share your joy and excitement.
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