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  • Alexandra nn Alex

    28 77.78%
  • Samantha nn Sam

    8 22.22%
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    I prefer Alexandra (actually alexandria, but Alexandra is lovely), but I would push for Lexa, Allie, or andie for a nickname (I don't love boyish names on girls but think nicknames have a lot more leeway for that, plus I like that the full name is formal and girly and the nickname provides a completely different vibe!). Like another person said, Samantha feels a little stuck, like Jessica or Lauren. I really like the sound and enjoy saying Samantha (my bf has a niece by the name, though yes she goes by Sammy or Sam which kind of bums me out)... Alexandra is really nice, and I like the more varied potential nicknames.

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    I have an Alex, I just cant say enough good things about this name for a girl. Love it !
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    Because I know at least four Samanthas in my grade, I'm going to throw my vote for Alexandra. I prefer the nickname Lexie to Alex, though.

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    Alexandria, despite its proximity to Alexandra, gives off a different feel to me than the latter. Alexandra is overused, and feels very late 90s to me, while Alexandria has an ethereal, historical feel to it; it is the name of Danish royalty, and the ancient city named for Alexander the Great. I much prefer it to the bland Alexandra. Nickname Alex feels very masculine to me; she may or may not be a tomboy. But both Alexandra and Alexandria lend themselves to many nicknames: Allie, Lex, Lexi, Dri/Dree (for Alexandria), Andy, Ria (also solely Alexandria).

    I feel similarly towards Samantha; overused and dated, plus that unattractive "man" syllable.
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    Samantha seems dated while Alexandra seems more timeless to me.

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