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    What would you do?

    Expecting girl #4 soon. Problem is we can't fall in love with a name! Other 3 are Olivia Maeann, Addison Marie, and Ella Grace. We don't care if it's popular obviously! Our question is do we keep a vowel? My husband and I both have vowels as well. Family names we would like to have if possible would be Ann, Lillian, Jean, or Ruby. We both don't go for odd names or spellings. What would you create???

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    I love Lillian with your other girls' names! But it might be weird if she's the only one without a vowel. What about Iliana? Beautiful, different vowel from the others, and still honors Lillian.

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    I agree that it may be weird to be the only girl without a name beginning with a vowel. I like Lillian and Ann. Other suggestions Annabelle, Isabelle, Isla, Isadora, Aria, Adelaide, Isabetta, Elizabeth.
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    My first thought was Iris! But, I do love Lillian as well...perhaps Iris Lillian or Iris Ann.. I agree that you should probably go with a vowel sound! Wouldn't want her to feel left out!
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    I personally did not notice the names all began with vowels and I think you should pick a name you love over that theme in your family. I doubt she will feel "left out". I think Ruby would be so pretty and go so well with your sibset and its a great name on its own, which is more important!

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