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    Before meeting my partner I couldn't picture having a little girl. However, since being with him I've always thought he'd be brilliant with daughters and that thought has rubbed off on me.
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    Well its the opposite for me . I have always picture myself with little girls ! I dont know why . Maybe is the fact that i have two younger brothers who irritated me to no end lol . I of cource would be happy with a lil boy but i think i will have very high expectacions for them .
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    I have the same problem. I can envision having sons, but not a daughter, even though I want one (or two). But really, I can't even imagine having a daughter. And I have a really long list of boys names that I love, and a short list of girls names I'm ok with. My relationship with my mom is good, and I didn't grow up with boys so I don't know...

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    Surprisingly, I've never had this problem with either gender. I know that deep in my heart, I want both genders, but I know that I also desperately want more little girls than little boys. I connect with girls. I am a girl through and through. My sisters have rubbed off on me, and yes, I like some tomboyish things, but in the words of my matter-of-fact, stubborn, I'm-right-and-you're-wrong little sister, "Ashley, you're the girl of the family." haha. I would be the best at dollies and tea parties and making play tutus (and if she loved Ironman, I'd be pretty epic at that, too). I'm not a sports person. I'm not a dig-in-the-dirt and wrestle-to-the-ground type of person. I couldn't teach my son to play catch to save his life. But I still want a little boy. And I can see myself having a little boy just as easily as I can see me with a little girl.

    It was harder, at first, to see me with a son, mainly because I have one brother and two sisters, and I've always been so much closer to my mom than my dad. My relationship with my mom is easy. She's one of my dearest friends. We may not think alike (she's a total realist, and my head is always in the clouds!), but I know she cares, and I know I can be silly and carefree with her. And I hope that's how it is with my daughters and I.

    I think I first started to see the appeal in having a little boy after I read this novel in high school. There was a little boy in the book, he was four, and so adorable, and while his mom didn't especially relate to all the boyish things, either, she made sure he still got all that male attention he craved, even though his father wasn't in the picture, and och, he was just adorable. He brought her dandelions as presents and would run up to her just to say, "Mommy, I love you!" And I knew then that I wanted that kind of little boy, with the kindest of hearts and the brightest of smiles. He can play soccer or football or baseball all he wants; my brother (or hopefully my husband!) can teach him catch. He can wrestle with them. But I'll still love him, just how he is, and I can't wait to be his mommy. And then my cousin's little boy came along, and I would keep him entertained at family gatherings, and I got pretty stinkin' good at playing with cars. So even if I can't catch a football to save my life, at least I've got that. :]]

    Have you been around a lot of little girls? Not all little girls are good, but so many of them are adorable, and I just find I connect with them so easily. It's harder for me to connect with boys, but once I did, I knew I couldn't wait to have my own little Caleb (provided my future husband goes along with my taste in names!). And I'm still can't wait for that day when I get to have my sunshine-hearted little boy.
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    I feel the same way when it comes to girls. When I say a girls name out loud, it sounds foreign and weird, but when I say a boys name, it's like 'Wow, I see you'. I believe it comes from a poor relationship with my mom. I hope I can change my feelings when I have kids of my own.

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