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    I have a hard time picturing having a daughter...?

    I am wondering if anyone else has/had the same issue as me.

    I find that I have an inordinately difficult time picturing myself with a daughter. I can see why I might feel that way, as I've never gotten on with my own mother, and she didn't with her mother before her, etc. We just don't seem to breed good mom-daughter relationships in this family for some reason.

    This transfers over to the naming department. Because I have trouble envisioning my little girl, I am clueless as to how to approach naming! I feel like I appreciate a lot of girl names, but none of them feel "right."

    Has anyone else had this problem (even if it's with the opposite gender), and what did you do/what do you plan to do to solve it?
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    I am in the exact same situation with the opposite gender. I have always pictured a little girl, and it probably comes down to the relationship my mom and I have. And names? I swear I have looked at every boy name and been indifferent to all of them. And ones I used to like have lost their luster. On the other hand, I could name ten girls with no problem.

    My husband pictures a girl too, and so we joke that I am probably pregnant with twin boys. As for what to do about it, I am going to let nature take its course. Maybe if I find out the baby's a boy, and I bond more with the idea, then I will change my mind completely and naming will come easier. I hope so anyway!
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    Same problem. I cannot for the life of me picture myself having a little girl. Every time I try to imagine myself with a little girl it just feels wrong to me, whereas I can picture myself with little boys just fine. I have no idea why that is either, I don't have a bad mother-daughter relationship, but its hard for me to picture dealing with a little girl. There are tons of little girls in my family and I would love one of my own but part of me just feels I'm not meant for one. That's why I don't have any girls names in my sig. Every time I think about naming a daughter it feels like a waist of time because I won't have one anyways.

    Right now, I'm not trying to fix it. I have a long ways to go before I even think about having children, but I honestly am not letting myself worry about it. If I don't have a girl, then I don't have one, and I have plenty of lovely boy names all saved up for the boys I've been imagining for a long time. But when the time comes and I happen to hear girl then that's just reality and I'll start collecting names for girls again. I'm more of a wait till the baby is born before you name it type of person anyways so I'm confident that when I see my child for the first time, whether it be a boy or a girl, I'll have a pretty good idea of what I'd like to name it.
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    Opposite problem, sort of. I can easily picture myself having all boys and have no idea what to namer them or what top do with them. I'd prefer to be a mum to girls, because i come from a family of all girls. My dad and i get along well and love each other but really have no further relationship than that, where my mom and i are best friends. My sisters and i are all super close, all my closest friends are girls, i only have nieces and no nephews...i am so much more comfortable naming girls, raising girls, etc.

    And i can totally picture my life as a mom to girls, but it feels fictional. When i picture myself really raising kids, they're all boys and i have no idea what to do. I can't even pick boy names!

    It worries me the way i picture it, because all growing up i could only picture my sister as a mom to girls and she's pregnant with her third girl at the moment. It feels like i have this weirdly accurate predictive ability (that sounds ridiculous i know) and I'm worried I'll end up with all boys.

    It used to be worse, and i actually hated the idea of having boys. But after spending some time with a friend's son, and getting him all ready for bed and he was so cute and snuggly in his little feety-pajamas...i can see the appeal. But i still would prefer at least an even mixture of boys to girls
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    Picturing myself as a parent feels weird altogether.

    (Let it be known that I am 16 years old.)
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