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    I'd pronounce it like mclola's explanations

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Titania is from 'Midsummer Night's Dream'. I'm really surprised by the amount of mispronunciations of it. I thought everyone would have heard it before O_o
    Me as well. Before I ever saw the play I remember hearing the name on Star Trek. And I trust Patrick Stewart to pronounce Shakespearean names correctly I'm really surprised that so many think it's like titanium.
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    1. Tit-AHN-yuh (short I)
    2. Ehv-el-LOON-ay
    3. Ehl-AYN-ee
    4. RAHN-yuh
    5. NELL-ee-uh

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    Tie-tayn-ee-uh - similar to titanium
    Ehv-ah-loon - like Evelyn but with a loon ending
    Eh-lehn-ee - everyone I've known to have this name says it this way as well
    Rahn-yuh - like Anya with an R at the beginning. I know a woman with this name and this is how she says it.

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