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    I'm shocked that so many Berries are into genealogy work. It's something I don't give a fig about. My mother changed her name to my father's and deeply regrets it. She's since changed it back, but my sister and I still have his name. I wish they had agreed on another surname and given it to me and my sister. While I am attached to my surname now, since it connects me to my beloved grandfather and my Jewish heritage, I would still rather have a different name that was shared with my mother and which didn't represent so much strife for my family.
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    I actually seriously considered combining my boyfriend and my last name. I really don't like his last name and he won't consider taking mine (some manliness thing I think). But while my parents probably wouldn't mind the idea, his parents would most likely think it completely ridiculous. The whole last name thing after marriage has really been stressing me out lately...

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    Well... My cousin changed it to the 'main' family-name, since his then-fiancée disliked both their names. So he switched to that, and tadaa they got married. Pretty ironic, since my grandfather, the man my cousin is named for, died a week prior to the wedding. But there's still one with a copy of his name around.

    Many members in the family have switched to it, since it is more unique. I was so lucky to be born with it. My father was also the only son between girls - a reason why there's so many cousins switching to my last name. It's also fairly new. My great-grandfather and his wife changed their surname.

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    I'm kind of a history buff so I think for me, I prefer a name that occurs throughout history and isn't a recent invention...but I love it when other couples do this, and I think that name changing should always come with a discussion and never just be what everyone assumes you have to do. It's interesting what you figure out about yourself as you think through the various options.

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    I tried to convince my husband and he said no! His surname is long & it's spelling is different than the sound of it. I had no connection to my own & had considered changing it for years. But when I tried to convince him to pick a new one with me he refused because he's Jewish and in his family history the name had been changed various times to avoid religious persecution or perhaps even forcibly by his country at one time, so it was a sore subject and his family members would surely take it to heart and be very upset if we did even though my husband is an atheist he is strongly against changing the name!

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