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    inventing your own surname?

    My friend and i were discussing this:

    If you were getting married and didn't want to keep your own surname but didn't really care for your spouse's either, how open would you be to inventing your own?

    What would you think if someone you knew did this?
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    I know a couple who did this! I don't think they'd mind if I said it here, since I'm complimentary of their decision...if they had taken his name it would have been Kruger. A lot of people just don't like that surname from the distaste of horror movies and stuff. It's also tough for naming and she is a big-time namer who predicted her baby name about three years before it broke wide open. Instead they went back, I believe into both of their family histories, and they found the last name Vining in there somewhere rather recently. They switched to that and everything sounds great with it. Their names and their kid's name both immediately took on a cool and trendy chicness.

    I'd loooove to do that, or to do the portmanteau invented surname some people do. But I believe DH's family would make our lives even tougher. If they didn't disown us or else just live the rest of their lives offended and insulted and hating and excluding us. Actually, maybe it's not such a bad idea!

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    As someone who is interested in tracking genealogy and family history, I think that entirely new surnames will cause a whole lot of confusion in pretty short order. Within just a generation or two -- especially as future generations follow suit and invent new surnames -- I fear that family heritage will be so obscured that it might be just about impossible to discover. That's a real tragedy in my mind. Choosing a surname from family history may lessen the confusion, but I still see the risk as very strongly present.

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    I think taking on a mother or grandmothers maiden name instead of choosing one sir-name or the other is rather sweet. (Even combining the two sir-names to create a new one. I don't know if I would just choose a random new one though). This is actually something I would consider as I'm not psyched about my SO's very, very common LN and I have a feeling he wouldn't love the idea of dropping his for mine.
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    I know a couple who did this. It seems vastly preferable to a woman bowing to the forces of cultural coercion and sacrificing her own name.
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