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    Lightbulb Changing our boys' name to Tobias with a few weeks to go!

    All throughout my pregnancy, I haven't been able to fall in love with any boys' names. We have our girls' names ready to go, but nothing for boys! Our leading contender was Lucas (nn Luke), but it just seems sooooo popular right now. Some other contenders were Simon, Charles and Nolan.

    Then, the other day, I stumbled upon our new favorite: Tobias (nn Toby)!!! It has everything we want: it's not common but everyone has heard it before, it is biblical, it is masculine and strong, it goes with my daughter's name, Penelope (nn Poppy), and it has an adorable nickname Toby.

    Can you please give me your opinion on this name, good or bad? I want to make sure it's not late-pregnancy hormones making me switch!!

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    I much prefer Tobias to Lucas, its unexpected and interesting. Tobias is great with Penelope! And could the nicknames Poppy and Toby get any cuter? Darling (:
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    I love Tobias. I would feel confident about the switch! Toby and Poppy are perfect!
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    It makes me think of Tobias Funke from Arrested Development, but his character is so bizarre and far fetched that I don't think it tarnishes the name at all. Cute sibset, Poppy and Toby!

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