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    our daughter, 09/08/2013

    We met Theodora Mairi over a week ago, but she has gone by two names for a lot of that time.

    It became increasingly clear that using Esteri as a middle name was not working- I was calling her Esti whilst Dad called her Thea, and it felt a bit off to us!
    So, we have returned to Mairi..Mary is a family name on my husband's side, but there are so many variations which have been used across the generations that we didn't want to use another for a first name.
    Mairi sounds slightly offbeat and elegant, and also has a different feel to Theodora, which I like.

    Theodora has old fashioned charm, but also a kind of freshness- I find this with a lot of names which haven't had a lot of recent use. It feels like she deserves to be shaken out and worn anew.

    Thea joins big brothers Otto and Caius. Thank you for all the help in naming her.

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    What a lovely name! Congratulations on the birth of Theodora Mairi.

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    All three of your babies have absolutely beautiful names! Huge congratulations x

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    A big congratulations! The name is so sweet. : )
    Mommy to Eva Lily Catherine, b. 1/31/2014

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    Congratulations! Thea fits so well in the sib-set. Good luck!

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