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    Sorry for any repeats-didn't read the other replies yet!

    Lily-beautiful, but just too common these days...
    Daphne, Lilac, Laurel, Ivy, Magnolia, Violet, Hazel

    Grace-again so pretty, but just doesn't wow me anymore.
    Audrey (has the same "feel to me for some reason) Graziella, Alice

    Mary-Love! Keep it on the list I say



    Vivian-cute-another one of my favs

    Hazel-adore this-your list rocks!

    Eliza-seriously fabulous...

    Jane-eh, nice enough...

    Vera-so sweet!

    Gwendolyn-I prefer just Gwen

    Helena-eh, nrms. Milena maybe?

    Greta-I just love the sound of this name...Greta. Fabulous.

    Matilda-Tilly as a nn...can't help but love it! Maybe Margaret?

    Beatrice nrms, but love Bea and Beatrix
    Beatrix maybe? Bay?

    Ellen-MUCH prefer Eleanor

    Frances-nice enough for a middle

    Susan-prefer Susannah or Lily
    Well, I think you have a spectacular list!
    Good luck!

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    @carebear- I like Nora, but I have an unfortunate association with the name. My parents, in particular, would be quite upset if I ever used it.

    @mischa- Thanks for taking the time for such a thorough response. I really like Xanthe, Esperanza, Kerensa, Leonie & Shoshana from your list. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t like any of those. He does, however, like Saskia. But I don’t. At least it’s out of his usual comfort zone, so that’s something.

    @collmcc523- I like Zelda from your list. It passed scrutiny for a while on my list, but my husband eventually decided that the video game association was too much. We also had Rosalind on our list for a while, but we only like it with the rose-a-lind pronunciation. We thought it would be better not to use it, since it isn’t traditionally pronounced that way.

    @mcdonak1- It’s my husband’s family that is the problem. His father intentionally mispronounces names that he doesn’t like (which is any name the least bit unfamiliar), and I thought his mother was going to have a heart attack when I told her we were considering Hugo. I would just leave them out of it entirely, but my husband is close to his family and wants their approval.

    @bibliophile- thank you for taking the time for such a detailed response. You really ran with the literary/historical aspect of my request, but I feel like your suggestions have about as much spark as my current list.

    Thanks to everyone for the help. I wish I could think of a proper way to describe what I’m looking for, because I feel like I’m falling short. I guess I want fewer English/Latinate names.

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