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    My girl's list is boring!

    Please excuse my edit
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    I like Matilda with the nickname Tilly.
    Lily and Grace are nice but very common! I dont mind Frances with the nn Frankie either!

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    Roxanne/Roxana -has possibility of cute, spunky nickname Roxy
    Maeve -more refreshing than Mary, but not too out there
    Beatrix -Slight change from Beatrice but definitely adds some flair without going crazy, plus has some literary sentiment with Beatrix Potter
    Violet -less common alternative to Lily
    Sloane -uncommon, but not completely unheard of or unusable
    Winter -has the same feel of your other names, but slightly less popular
    Isadora -close to the more popular Isabel, but definitely more exotic
    Cora -less common alternative to Clara
    Nora/Norah -very usable but less common
    Cleo -reminiscent of Cleopatra, but definitely way more usable
    Kaya/Kaia/Caia -spunky and less common than the popular Maya, but just as charming and usable
    Hope this helps!
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