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    I would go with Lyla as a stand alone name, as it is much easier for everyone to pronounce and Lila can often be pronounced as Lee-lah. If you have Delilah as the actual name, then I would use Lilah as the nn.

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    I think Lilah is just fine as a stand alone name. I was in love with the combo Lilah Seraphine for a while

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    I love this name, it's just so soft and pretty. I like the Lilah spelling the best !
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    Quote Originally Posted by sophieray21 View Post
    Lilah - as it is technically short for Delilah
    Precisely this. I like Lilah as a short for Delilah. With the 'h' I doubt anyone will say it wrong. Lila (without an h) is a different name with different origins and can be pronounced 'lee-la' as well as 'leye-la'

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    Unless you're totally in love with Delilah, if the biblical connotation is too much for you - just avoid it. It is a beautiful name, but if anything, that would put me off too. Lila is lovely on it's own (or Lilah, depending on what you go for... I don't personally have much of a preference).

    (I've also just remembered that scene in Friends when they're naming Rachel's baby - ''Isabella just isn't her name'' ''Okay, then she's Delilah'' ''Great - now she's a biblical whore!'')
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