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    I do worry Lila will get pronounced LEE LA instead of LIE LA.
    Not too sure about the Y as surname is Williams i quite like the matching I's which is why i orginally thought Lilah... also still debating whether it should be Delilah! Its a hard one!

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    Lyla is very sweet and it makes the pronunciation more clear. People might mispronounce Lila as Lill (the first syllable in Lilly)-uh.

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    I would use Delilah nn Lyla

    (I know it technically isn't the spelling contained in the name but the more important thing for me is pronunciation)

    When I see Lila, I think Lee-la
    I think the 'h' at the end of Lilah is unnecessary.... Yes it is the original spelling in Delilah but it isn't necessary for a nickname.

    Lyla I thik will have the least pronunciation problems

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    I like Delilah nn Lila or Lilah.
    Would she go by Lila/Lilah all the time? If so, don't bother with Delilah on the BC. It's a beautiful name but it's just an extra syllable - is it worth it?

    I know a girl called Eliza, but she's gone by Liza from birth, 100% of the time. She feels so disconnected from Eliza... like it's not her real identity, just a similar name that she's 'officially' called. She's planning on changing it to just Liza when it's legal.
    I mean, I'm not saying that this situation is inevitable in all cases, but if you'll always think of her as Lilah, having Delilah on the Birth Certificate may become a bit strange for you after a while.

    But if she'll be sometimes Delilah, sometimes Lilah, then put Delilah on the BC. Because it is really really gorgeous.

    Rosemary Una ''Romy''
    Fenella Briar ''Nell''
    Maud Evangeline
    Sibyl Constance
    Edith Aveline
    Iseult Matilda
    Agnes Eilidh
    Alba Madeline

    (Eilidh = ay-lee. Iseult = ee-soolt)

    (im twenty and live in london. names calm my soul.)

    Isidore Jack ''Sid''
    Emmett Kielder
    Hugh Raphael
    Alec Oberon
    Wilfred Fox
    Rufus Colm
    Jeremy Aidan ''Jem''
    Nicholas Hwyl ''Cas''
    (Colm = col-um. Hwyl = hwill)

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    I am undecided over Lilah alone or Delilah but if I did choose Delilah on the BC I think i would use both im not normally a fan of names that get shortened continously I have to agree its pointless me calling her Delilah if I just use Lilah all the time! I know a Maddie who is Madelene but never ever uses it!
    What has put me off Delilah is the biblical meaning people are telling me although I was unaware of this! I like the sound of Delilah but spelt out I prefer just Lilah....

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