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    I do worry Lila will get pronounced LEE LA instead of LIE LA.
    Not too sure about the Y as surname is Williams i quite like the matching I's which is why i orginally thought Lilah... also still debating whether it should be Delilah! Its a hard one!

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    Lyla is very sweet and it makes the pronunciation more clear. People might mispronounce Lila as Lill (the first syllable in Lilly)-uh.

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    I would use Delilah nn Lyla

    (I know it technically isn't the spelling contained in the name but the more important thing for me is pronunciation)

    When I see Lila, I think Lee-la
    I think the 'h' at the end of Lilah is unnecessary.... Yes it is the original spelling in Delilah but it isn't necessary for a nickname.

    Lyla I thik will have the least pronunciation problems

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    I like Delilah nn Lila or Lilah.
    Would she go by Lila/Lilah all the time? If so, don't bother with Delilah on the BC. It's a beautiful name but it's just an extra syllable - is it worth it?

    I know a girl called Eliza, but she's gone by Liza from birth, 100% of the time. She feels so disconnected from Eliza... like it's not her real identity, just a similar name that she's 'officially' called. She's planning on changing it to just Liza when it's legal.
    I mean, I'm not saying that this situation is inevitable in all cases, but if you'll always think of her as Lilah, having Delilah on the Birth Certificate may become a bit strange for you after a while.

    But if she'll be sometimes Delilah, sometimes Lilah, then put Delilah on the BC. Because it is really really gorgeous.
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    I am undecided over Lilah alone or Delilah but if I did choose Delilah on the BC I think i would use both im not normally a fan of names that get shortened continously I have to agree its pointless me calling her Delilah if I just use Lilah all the time! I know a Maddie who is Madelene but never ever uses it!
    What has put me off Delilah is the biblical meaning people are telling me although I was unaware of this! I like the sound of Delilah but spelt out I prefer just Lilah....

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