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    I like Azalea, Hazel, and Eliza all to get Zell.

    I'm also a big fan of Zs. Nicknames are sometimes pretty far off of the original name and you can get away with a lot I think.

    Some of my favorites you can see in my sig are Zuzana (for Susannah which means lily or rose, which are both the same as the Hebrew name Shoshanna--Zuzana, Susannah, and Shoshanna are all in my top faves), Zorah, and Zara.

    They are a lot further away but some people combine first and middle for NN also. Example: Zara Helen, nn Zell/Zella. Easy peasy

    Futurekids will have 2-syllable French surname.

    Name Lust:

    Oriana • Zara • Shoshanna • Damaris
    Greta • Elowen • Marina • Geneva
    Delphine • Hero • Gemma • Zora
    Zuzana "Zuzu" • Ventura • Marie-Noëlle
    Linden • Anouk • Georgiana • Juniper

    Branson • Hugo • Kit • Chance • Alban
    Kingsley • Fox • Theodore • Judah

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    Hazel would my choice for a name with Zell as a nn. Eliza is another great choice or even Liza.
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    I like the idea of Hazel and Eliza going by Zell!

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    Feeling inspired! Thanks for the suggestions!
    The short list
    (my list criteria: classic, simple, elegant, must have family and/or cultural significance)

    Boys list: Simon, Max, Benjamin, Joseph, Jonah*
    Girls list: Jane, Miriam, Ruth, Ann*

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    Just want to throw Giselle out there, I think it's lovely and naturally lends itself to the nn Zell
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