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    Opinions on Vivienne? Too popular?

    I really like the name Vivienne and I would pronounce it with the emphasis on the -ENNE. But it is becoming popular especially seeing as Angelina Jolie named her twin this name.Is it too popular? I think that Vivi is a cute nickname but any other suggestions as well as opinions? Thanks!
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    I think Vivienne has always been a pseudo-popular name (I know them of all ages. Spelled that way or Vivian.) But I don't see it ever reaching annoyingly popular status. I think it's more a classic.

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    Ditto...even with "celeb status" it's still very usable..and gorgeous!
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    Thank you! I love the name and wanted one that is special rather than really popular and your opinions have helped!

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    A really lovely name but it does seem to be getting really popular - met a few little Vivienne's recently. But it is a very lovely name and you really want to use it - then I would :-)

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