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    I love Maverick- my favorite of the boys by far! I wouldnt suggest Romeo, only because of the character and people's opinions about him (he wasn't my favorite in terms of character development and personality, to say the least). How about Roman? Roman and Rocco is pretty cute! I still adore Maverick out of the boys, though!

    Valentina is pretty- I knew a very sweet Valentina! I ADORE Monroe and Matilda though. Monroe is adorable; they both are! Best of luck!
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    I immediately thought of Maddox for a boy. Valentina is beautiful!
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    Thanks ladies for all of your input knoll is my maiden name which is how i came up with the knollan. Maverick is mine and my husbands favorite so far because of us living in california and him being into surfing , its the name for the surf spot up in california that is famous for having the biggest waves. So i think we will be going with maverick for a boy and valentina for a girl

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    Rocco & Teague (I think Teague Knollan would be really cool)
    Rocco & Fox
    Rocco & Mars
    Rocco & Madden

    Rocco & Clover
    Rocco & Vesper
    Rocco & Hazel
    Rocco & Marlo

    I'd stay away from Maverick, as the new Apple operating system is called Mavericks and will diminish the "uniqueness" of kiddo's name for many people... Apple is even citing the "Awesome places in Cali" part as the inspiration for the name. I get the sentiment with your maiden name and Knollan, but if you really want to spell it that way, I'd keep it to the middle. It would be hell for your kid with all the other little Nolans running around.
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    How about using Knoll (instead of Knollan) as the middle name? Maverick Knoll. It's a one syllable name starting with a K- just like Rocco's mn Kruz. Rocco Kruz and Maverick Knoll.... Handsome!
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