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    Baby #2 name ideas that go with big brother Rocco Kruz <3

    Hello ladies we are TTC #2 and have an 18 month old son named Rocco Kruz, that name took us almost to his birth to agree upon, we seriously read three books, did polls, asked family, it was a long road. We decided upon the name rocco because during my pregnancy i was caring for my grandmother who was ill, and found a saint card named rocco who healed the sick. kruz meaning of the cross. my grandmother passed 11/12 and my son was born 12/12.

    We are not sure of the gender but know the name game is going to be a long road for us...we are a bit trendy and unique i know in our names but suggestions and input are welcome. thanks ahead ladies

    BOYS : Maverick or maverix, Kash, Romeo, Knollan.
    GIRLS : Valentina(my fav), Harper, Georgia, Haven, Monroe, Violet, Seraphina, Matilda.

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    I like Maverick better than Maverix, and Mav or Ricki are cute nicknames!
    Instead of Kash, can I suggest Cassius? Pronounced Cash-us, and you can still use Cash as a nickname too!
    Romeo is cute on a little boy, but on a 30, 50, or more man it's hard to picture. I don't think it grows well.
    Knollan is nice!! I prefer the Nolan spelling though.

    I think all your girl's names are beautiful! My favorites are Seraphina, Valentina, and Violet!

    Suggestions are Dominic, Grady, Jett, Tyson, Alistair, Josephine, Scarlett, Aria, Marina.

    Mom to furbaby lab mix Gideon and our infertility miracle S D ❤

    Joanna, Irene, Carys, Eliana, Josephine, Caroline, Miriam, Isla
    Spencer, Raymond, Ezekiel, Alastair, Reuben, Titus, Theodore, Silas

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    Maddox (Max) James 08.31.13.

    Boys Favourites: Holden, Theron (Theo), Aidan, Killian

    Girls Favourites: Rosalie, Lucy, Lyra, Isla

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    Oh wow, when I saw your son's name, I thought you & a girl I went to high school with have very similar styles and saw you already have one of her sons' names on your list.

    I have to say, I love Nolan, but I could not imagine having to spell it k-n-o-l-l-a-n… as a middle name it has a "family surname" feel, though.
    Rocco Kruz feels decidedly latinate, though, so I'd probably lean that way myself in the end, but here are some combos I think could work from your starting list:
    Maverick Knollan
    Romeo Maverick

    And some other names that came to mind:
    Orlando (Rocco & Orlando would be phenomenal, in my opinion)
    Killian (OOH! I love this with Rocco Kruz!)

    And in this case, Orlando Killian is blowing me away. I LOVE this!

    For girls, I LOVE Valentina and Seraphina! I'd love to see either one used. I love Matilda with both first names. I like the sound of these too:
    Valentina Celeste
    Seraphine Mathilde
    Valentina Luisa
    Seraphina Blythe
    Matilda Eden
    Matilda Briony

    Good luck!
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
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    Bastian Ephraim, Gideon Felix

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