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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Finn and Jack have the same spunky vibe so I like these two names paired together. Cole sounds so - well - cold. It also seems like the safe and predictable choice. Skip is a great name - for a little boy.
    This exactly. I adore Jack & Finn together.
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    I also have a son named Finn:-) his brothers are named Owen and Rhys. We also wanted Celtic names with a cool vibe. Anyway I like all your choices but gosh Jack is so popular it just seems lack luster next to Finn. I do like the name but its saturation is just what takes away from it, to me anyway. However if you love it, use it! Cole is great but seems a bit bland next to Finn. I think it depends on how you want to sway the sibset. Preppy... Cole or Jack both work! Irish I would say Kean, Keir, Cael, all would fit and be spunky like Finn. I just can't see Skip on am adult unless its a nickname good luck!

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    Hi edgesmill. I'm glad I found your post because I also have a son Finn and am expecting a third boy in January. Finn's little brother is Wyatt...not Irish, but suits him perfectly. We also are nephew-heavy, with 11! Some names already snatched up in our family that you may like are Owen, Ethan, Gavin, and we have 2 Jacks along with a Liam. We are looking for an Irish name for this baby, and have considered...

    Sheamus (Shea)...husbands favorite but I can't really get on board
    Teague-little poet
    Tate-means happy : )
    Lachlan...not sure if your nephew Lauch is pronounced "lock" but I like Finn and Lock, and Lachlan Murphy is strong.

    I also love Dash but agree about Dashiell. Good luck and congrats!

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