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    A brother for Finn- Cole, Jack, or Skip?

    We our expecting our second baby, another boy, in two weeks!

    Our first son is Finn.

    We like Cole because Cole is the English equivalent of MacCool or MacCumhail, and we named Finn after the Irish legend Finn MacCool.
    I thought it would be kind of neat for them to be named after the same legend. I also like how Finn means fair and Cole means dark, so it's kind of a cool balance.

    Jack we like and always have. It's a family name, but we worry that it's too generic next to Finn. Our last name is Murphy- is Jack Murphy too average?

    Skip is another favorite- My husband's father goes by the nickname "Skip" as he is Philip the 2nd. What do you think about a nickname for a first name? I like it with Finn.

    We like author or musician middle names. Ideas and opinions welcome! Thanks!

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    Cole I love. Also like the meanings with Finn. Jack and Finn are the same type of name in my mind (I don't know why) but Jack is uber über popular. Skip to me is a nickname more than a name.

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    Thanks! My husband also likes the name Keane. Any thoughts on that one?

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    I love Finn and Cole together!
    I love the name Keane also, but prefer Cole with Finn because it doesn't repeat the -n which sounds a bit better when said aloud IMO.
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    Thanks so much! We are having the hardest time because we have ELEVEN nephews, so almost all of the cool Irish boy names are taken just within the immediate family! Cade, Lauch, Liam, and more all snatched up!

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