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    Honouring an Allan?

    I'm not pregnant or trying to conceive, just planning for the future. My father is called Allan and I haven't been able to fit it into any of my favourite boys name combinations so I thought I would use the girl version Alana. My only problem is if I am honouring an Allan should I spell Alana with two L's? It would most likely be a middle name. Also what is you favourite spelling of Alana?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd use Alana with one L, it's easier to pronounce in my opinion. But that might not matter much for a middle name!

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    Even though I'm not usually a fan, I don't have a problem spelling it Allana, especially since it's just the middle name. Personally though, I prefer Alana.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kendalwon View Post
    I'd use Alana with one L, it's easier to pronounce in my opinion.
    Alana and Allana would be pronounced the same.

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    Allana looks as though it pronounced allan-uh. I'd go with Alana.
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