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    Alexis or Alexa are my favorites.
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    I prefer Alexandra. It is actually my given name but I go by the nn Andie as I didn't like being called Alex. Alexis seems trendy to me. Alexandria seems like overkill. I went to high school with a girl named Alexane, she went by Alex.
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    Alexandra! A classic. Alexandria seems to frou frou and Alexis is dated.

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    I like Alexandra and Alexandria both a lot. Alexandria is one of my middle names (it's the first part of a compound actually) so I never thought about how long it was. I like it slightly better. Nns Allie, Andi, Lexa, Dia, etc. One of my family benefits of Alexandria is the nod to Andrea if you had any relatives with that name. Also my mom is a huge amateur Egyptologist so it helped her choose. The lighthouse at Alexandria is famous. When I went to Egypt and learned about how it's underwater now, etc., I felt attached to it all. I know lots of Name berries dislike this, but I also like that Alexandria gives me a connection if I wanted to use Cairo as a middle name later.

    I know Lexis, Alexis, and Alexuses and it does feel like they got stale a lot faster than the other Alexandr- names.

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    Thanks Everyone c: I think I'm leaning more towards Alexandra though I do like the suggestion of Alexane too.
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