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    New Characters, New Names

    Hey there, so I have an idea for a new book, kind of different from my usual. This one is a dystopian novel, set in the future (I haven't decided the year yet) in America. I have four main characters whose names I would like some opinions on today. I would also like an opinion on the two main place names I was thinking of using, as well as the name of the oppressive corporation in the story. If you guys could help me that that would be amazing =)

    So, my main characters are as follows:

    Main Male: Halorann (Hal) Hackett, 27, floppy dark hair, brown eyes, tan skin, independent, smart, willing, hardworking, opinionated, wears Converse, jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies, 5'9".

    Main Female: Penna Reuss, 25, long wavy blonde hair, violet eyes, pale skin, sweet, kind, funny, artistic, dreamer, flirty, patient, wears day dresses and boots, 5'4".

    Secondary Female: Ivy Beddingfield, 26, short straight black hair, amber eyes, manipulative, strict, not fun-loving, impatient, slinky, opinionated, wears dark, smart clothes, 5'7".

    Secondary Male: Nathaniel Jacob Oakley, 38, dark blonde/light brown hair, blue eyes, fashionable stubble, clean, trimmed, power-hungry, ruthless, patient, slick, demanding, wears suits, 6'0".

    Those are the main characters, and the place names are Somnias and Veritas, and the oppressive corporation is called the Hera Society. Your opinions and suggestions would be a huge help to me =)

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