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    Dystopia Character Names

    Okay, this one is a doozy. Basically, in an as-yet-unnamed society, there are three injections it is possible to receive at the age of 13--Perfection (good), Normality (neutral) and Insanity (bad). from 13 to 16 the three Castes of Life intermingle, and at 16 they are split up to head into the separate societies where they will live from then on out.

    The story is about 15-year-old triplets who are each in a different Caste of Life. Simple, easy. But they need Names! This is where you lovely folks here at nameberry come in.

    Here are the characters:

    A plain girl who used to be dull has been turned into a Perfect. She loves her new status but wishes to be able to maintain friendships. This conflicts with the love she is beginning to form with another Perfect.

    A girl who has always been plain but with a fierce kindness and joy in living laments the slow leaking away of her sympathy and love as she now has normal levels of “kindness”. She aches to do anything to stop it as her friendships start to fade.

    A fiery, rebellious girl who has been turned into an Insane. She can slightly recollect what it was like to be smart and strong and beautiful, but is slowly spiraling into the depths of insanity, and not just Insanity.

    I've got the characters and a decent plot shaping up, but I need help with naming these people. A surname for the three of them would be great, but not needed.

    This is somewhere in the VERY DISTANT future, so anything readable goes!:smile:

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    1) Lysisa

    2) Mari

    3) Aleigha
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

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    Aeva (E-fa)



    and some that are actual names, but obscure and futuristic sounding.

    Tallulah, Persephone, Eris, Saskia, Natasha, Zhanna, Matthias, Andreas, Dean, Isaac, Jude, Christopher, Caleb, Victor, Fabian, Skyler, Dexter, Cecily, Alannah, Savannah, Hester, Britta, Xanthe, Temperence, Violetta, Anton, Anatoly, Maksym, Ilya, Raphael, Gabriel, Xanthe, Carmen, Electra, Dahlia.

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    Perfect: Ecol or Pecla, from Pecola Breedlove in "The Bluest Eye"
    Normal: Atina, from Athena, the goddess of kindness
    Insanity: Felia or Phelia, from Ophelia

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    What I'm thinking...

    Girl 1: I'm still stumped on her. I'm looking for something either plain-sounding with a kick of meaning, or something unique and fresh but still simple.

    Girl 2: Aleigha. It was suggested for girl three, but I like it better here. It's one of those gut-instinct things I usually rely on.

    Girl 3: Aeva. Not only is the sound perfect, but it's a variation of Ava, which means "like a bird", and I think this girl is feeling like a caged bird.

    Oh, darn, I just realized that Aleigha and Aeva start with the same letter, which is usually a big writer no-no. Any tips?

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