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Thread: Silas??

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    I'm back w/ another name idea. Edgar is still on the list but another name that my husband is liking a lot is Silas (nn Si). I actually love it too. I got so much great and honest feedback w/ Edgar that I thought I'd ask what people think of Silas and how does it sound w/ sisters Mhairi and Fiona? Is it too different? Could it work? All opinions appreciated! Not due until March so have a long time to toy w/ all these name ideas. I'm too chicken to run them by my family yet haha
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    I really like the name Silas. It's one of those "old man" names that really works, like Ezra, for example. So glad to see some Silas love on the forums!
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    I like Silas for a lot of the same reasons I picked Sylvia. It's a great name. A friend of mine just recently had a baby Silas and I was thrilled to hear the name used I think it works great with your girls' names - better than Edgar.
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    I really like Silas, I think is handsome and I have never met anyone with this name which makes me like it more. I think Edgar works better with Mhairi and Fiona.

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    Love Silas! Love the nn Si, and love it with your sibset!

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