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    Question Belphoebe - what would you think?

    My question is about Belphoebe. Due to recent posts, I've become a big fan! I usually like magical names that are obvious. Names that don't really need an explanation, or names that prompt an explanation. Which is why literary names usually aren't my style. Most of the time earthy/word/celestial nature names are my preference. My question is - if you didn't know anything about Belphoebe, and you were meeting someone with the name, hearing it for the first time, what would you think? Without knowing anything about TFQ, would it strike you as a name that's special? Magical? Beautiful? What would come to mind???
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    I would think her name was Belle Phoebe. I have no idea what the word belphoebe means and I would think it was a kind of unusual name. Maybe even a little odd. I definitely wouldn't spell it right! Just my first impression though.

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    I think the "bel" prefix is a little much. I like the name Phoebe though, and it's a very spunky name. It's often associated with Phoebe Buffay from Friends, though, but personally I love that show and that character so it'd be an interesting namesake. Her friends would probably end up calling her Phoebes no matter what. I just feel like Belphoebe is a bit of a mouthful.
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    I would be confused and think I'd misheard. Then I'd think the person's parents had tried to get a little too creative. Sorry. I do really like Phoebe though.

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    I think it's odd. I don't know what a belphoebe is though.

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