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    Smile Vintage-modern CAF (+ optional pets)

    Complete the families and add pets if you like (see pet name list at the end).
    You can choose how many middle names each person has. Enjoy!

    Surnames: Goss Miller Anderson Ritter Dashiell Webb Hope Braithwaite

    DH: Ernest William Albert Douglas Henry Benjamin Isaac James
    DW: Margaret June Lucille Daphne Francine Helen Alice Greta

    DS1: Edmond Frederick Jeremy Simon David Amadeus Matthew Clark
    DDiL1 - Ottilie Marina Therese Laura Camille Victoria Sophie Juliet
    -DS: Adam Levi Owen Sebastian Wilder Maurice Edward Bennett
    -DD: Hazel Magda Elva Vivienne Ethel Summer Abigail Faye
    -DS: Linden Peter Angus Wilfred Gideon Avery Michael Rory

    DD1: Ramona Beatrix Vanessa Meredith Emily Patrice Miranda Bronwen
    DSiL1 Jacob Arthur Timothy Nigel Zeus Laurence Emerson Marcus (+choose another surname from first list)
    -DD: Rosalie Francesca Simone Zoe Mabel Prudence Vita Eve
    -DD: Melissa Jasmine Natalie Luna Fleur Isabella Joan Lisette
    -DS: Benedict Harold Saul Casper Lincoln Nathaniel Xavier Richard

    DD2: Delphine Sophia Annabel Margot Heloise Daisy Catherine Willa
    DSiL2 Gregory Daniel Harry Emile George Oliver Kevin John (+choose another surname from first list)
    -DD: Maisie Emmeline Christina Georgette Lola Mirabel Dolly Amandine
    -DD: Genevieve Rowena Alison Sadie Freya Esme Joy Anemone

    DS2: Geoffrey Luke Nicholas Andrew Clement Rhett Oscar Miles
    DDiL2 Lily Jessica Amy Rose Cressida Olein Marisol Sara
    -DS: Samuel Luca Finn Bradley Axel Carter Stephen Daniel
    -DS: Charles Jacob Hugh Dylan Theodore Elliott Leon

    DD3: Ariadne Jennifer Tamsin Grace Louisa Naomi Violet Anne
    DSiL3 Scott Hans Jack Alexander Philip Eric Magnus Jude (+choose another surname from first list)
    -DD: Fern Roberta Suzanne Audrey Elsa Maria Anna-Rose Linnea
    -DS: Morgan Arlo Justice Sawyer Thomas Quentin Jared Ishmael
    -DS: Felix Robert Casey Gardiner Stanley Julian Zachary Endeavour
    -DD: Isolde Miriam Evelyn Jane Pearl Anais Catriona Yvette

    DD4: Stella Iris Rosemary Honora Elizabeth Faith Johannah Heidi
    DSiL4 Noah Joseph Kit Bartholemew Ralph Atticus Reuben Clay
    -DD: Astrid Odette Frida Hannah Penelope Charlotte Ruby Gwendoline

    Pet names:
    F: Doris Pippa Bunty Molly Queenie Rilla Wendy Fairy Phoebe
    M: Jago King Jasper Digger Hamish Shep Rollie Mowgli Pip
    General: Nutmeg Snowy Fluffy Solo Bugsy Panda Dipper Macavity Mouse
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    ruby marguerite . clara madeline . georgia rachel . june dorothy . hannah lillian
    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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    carrigan ruth, 16, infp, ravenclaw

    daisy lucille, melody alice, allie cosette, orlaith blossom, lilith autumn

    seamus pascal, edgar remus, romy benedict, lancelot mathis, cedric lysander

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    DH: William Henry Anderson (71)
    DW: Margaret Lucille (Goss) Anderson (67)

    DS1: Jeremy David Anderson (40)
    DDiL1 – Laura Camille Anderson (38)
    -DS: Owen Edward Anderson (10)
    -DD: Summer Abigail Anderson (7)
    -DS: Peter Avery Anderson (3)
    -DDog: Phoebe

    DD1: Meredith Patrice (Anderson) Webb (37)
    DSiL1 Timothy Arthur Webb (39)
    -DD: Rosalie Simone Webb (9)
    -DD: Isabella Jasmine Webb (6)
    -DS: Nathaniel Lincoln Webb (1)
    -DDog: Molly

    DD2: Catherine Sophia (Anderson) Hope (35)
    DSiL2 Oliver Daniel Hope (37)
    -DD: Emmeline Christina Hope (5)
    -DD: Genevieve Rowena Hope (5)
    -DCat: Queenie
    -DCat: Mouse

    DS2: Nicholas Rhett Anderson (35)
    DDiL2 Lily Rose Anderson (34)
    -DS: Samuel Finn Anderson (8)
    -DS: Theodore Jacob Anderson (4)
    -DDog: Shep
    -DCat: Mowgli

    DD3: Jennifer Louisa (Anderson) Ritter (33)
    DSiL3 Jude Alexander Ritter (33)
    -DD: Audrey Linnea Ritter (10)
    -DS: Thomas Quentin Ritter (5)
    -DS: Julian Felix Ritter (2)
    -DD: Evelyn Isolde Ritter (2)
    -DCat: Pippa

    DD4: Elizabeth Faith (Anderson) Braithwaite (28)
    DSiL4 Noah Clay Braithwaite (29)
    -DD: Charlotte Penelope Braithwaite (nb)
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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