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    Looking for elegant, classic, traditional names

    (Not pregnant, just thinking ahead.) I'm still on a mission to find a first name I love with the middle name Theophania, but I'm beginning to think it's impossible! There are names I like, but none (except my beloved Zoe, which hubby is still vetoing) are feeling like "the one".

    These are the names currently on the list, in rough order of preference:
    Zoe (if I can get DH on board...)
    Penelope (Combo may be too Greek? Same with Zoe, honestly, but I can't help it if I love Greek names!)

    Names I like, but wouldn't work:
    Eleanor - Oh, I love this with Theophania, but we have a niece named Elena.
    Lillian, Marian, Vivian - Too similar visually with William. (And Marianne and Vivienne are too frilly paired with Theophania.)
    Daphne, Sophie - Too much "ph"
    Gwendolyn - Similar ending sound to Catherine.
    Madeleine - Ditto.
    Charlotte - Kinda rhymes with my name (Margaret) and I don't really want to use two "C" names.
    Emmanuelle, Evangeline - I think they're a bit over-the-top religious paired with Theophania, unfortunately.
    Eden - Not really classic or traditional, but it does sound great with Theophania...

    Any thoughts on these names or other suggestions, based on these preferences?

    - Must be a classic, traditional name with history. Greek, Hebrew, and Latinate (Latin, Spanish, French, Italian) names are my favorites, and French names in particular seem to go really well with Theophania.
    - Two or more syllables. Surname is only one syllable, and I don't really love any other one syllable names other than Eve.
    - Doesn't end with -ia. I'd prefer nothing that ended with -a either, but I'm a little more flexible on that if it sounds alright.
    - Sounds good in a sibset consisting of William and Catherine (and maybe Alexander), and preferably not repeating an initial. (No "T" names either.)
    - No "ph" or "th".
    - Popularity doesn't matter to us.

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    Lucy is my favorite from your list. It's a beautiful name. I don't think Eleanor and Elena are too close for cousins (assuming they both don't go by Ellie or Ella), but if you think it'll be confusing, I respect that. You could always call Eleanor Nora.

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    I notice you have the name Felicity in your signature, I think that would work well. Felicity Theophania sounds really pretty.
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    I love Zoe! Oh well. Just keep on trying and maybe you can convince him : ) I think French names are a great idea:


    And I know you don't want one-syllables names, but I think Fleur would be beautiful with Theophania.
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