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    My favorites from your list are:

    Kingsley- makes me think 1) of Gwen Stefani (I know her son's name is Kingston not Kingsley) and 2) of Harry Potter
    Rockwell- nms
    Grayson- meh. no feelings either way.
    Zadon or Zaydon- really not my style
    Jason- meh. ordinary.
    Chasen- nms. I'd prefer Chase.
    Kyden- very not my style.
    Hudson- cute, but always makes me think of Kate Hudson.
    Logan- like it
    Lucas or Lukas- love lucas

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    The only name on your list that I like is Lucas. Logan and Kingsley aren't bad. Jason is hopelessly dated, and Zaydon will be dated in a year or two once the -aden trend is over. Kyden and Chasen sound like made-up syllable mish-mash names. Kyler and Chase are vastly preferable. Rockwell sounds like the name of a business or legal firm, stuffy and so aggressively masculine it's silly. Hudson and Grayson are, well, trendy, but if that's not an issue for you, at least they're real names and go well with Parker.
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    Kingsley and Hudson both pop out to me. And if you go with Kingsley, the subtle link to your daughter's moniker will be sweet.

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    Kingsley - not a fan, I just can't picture it on an older guy.
    Rockwell- I actually kind of like this one. Not my style but I think it would be cool to meet a guy named Rockwell.
    Grayson- it's okay, I prefer Gray.
    Zadon or Zaydon- this sounds made up to me. I would take this one off.
    Jason- despite the negative reviews for this name, I don't think it's dated at all. It's one of my favorite boy names and I think it's totally usable. It has great history which is a bonus.
    Chasen- sounds kind of made up, prefer Chase.
    Kyden- is this pronounced like Kai? Looks made up, I would take this off too.
    Hudson- this one is not my style at all. I don't hate it, but I much prefer some of your other names.
    Logan- I love Logan. I wish it wasn't so popular. I think it sounds great with Parker. It would be a good choice
    Lucas or Lukas- I like this one too. I like how it is distinctly masculine because your daughter has a unisex name.
    You have a great list! I hope that helped. Congrats and good luck!
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    The n ending is really common. Favorites are Lucas, Rockwell, Kingsley, and Hudson. Strongly dislike Grayson (don't understand the appeal of this highly trendy name) and Kydon (sounds like a smush of all trendy things: K names, y names (can't stand Ky together, especially on a boy) and n is it even a real name with any meaning?

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