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    Beatrix - Mabel - Clementine - Matilda - Hazel - Tatiana - Ophelia - Isla

    Leopold - Julian - Jude - Alexander - Theodore - Oscar - Frederick

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    Andromeda - Love, especially with the celestial connection
    Immanuela or Emmanuella - Would use the E. Not my style but alright.
    Lucasta - Too close to Luca for my liking but not terrible
    Ravenna - Not my style. Think of raven, ravine, and that Snow White movie (but that will be forgotten soon)
    Ceridwen - Love the g(wen) names including this one but will be pronunciation issues. Maiwenn is my favorite.
    Raziela - Too many vowels together for my liking
    Mariposa - NMS
    Gwendolen - Boring for a Gwen name
    Gwyneira - Love. She could go by the common nickname Gwyn or the uncommon but beautiful Eira. On my list.
    Mirabel - Dislike "bel" names but this is okay. Love plain Mira, it is our girl frontrunner (again, celestial connection)
    Ruhama/Ruchama - Too odd for my liking
    Isidora - Better than Isabel, like that "adore" is in it, but still NMS
    Hypatia - Best namesake EVER. But sadly, I don't think it is usable. So unusual that I think people would have trouble remembering what the name is, other than that it is very different. How about Portia?
    Valeria - I think valerian root and sadly agree that it also sounds like a vaginal disease. Valerie?
    Rahela or Raquela - NMS
    Morwenna - NMS. How about Maren? Mirren? Marina?
    Felicia/Felicienne - a happy happy name
    Ruxandra - NMS, sounds made up and trying too hard
    Thomasin - Too close to Thomas for my liking

    Hawthorn - Use the e.
    Lysander - Okay
    Gideon - Like
    Peregrine - Like, not everyone knows the LOTR connection (or cares). I think Pip was a cute hobbit.
    Orion - Celestial connection again! Yes.
    Iskender - Too awkward for my liking
    Thaddeus - I think this is a cool historic name (decided that after watching "Lincoln") and like Thadd for a nn.
    Alasdair/Alastair - NMS
    Sebastian - NMS, not masculine enough
    Emmanuel/Immanuel - Go with the E
    Finnian - Not a fan of F names.
    Elkanan/Elchanan - Too awkward
    Naphtali - Ditto
    Demetrius - Interesting, unique
    Hadriel - Too feminine sounding
    Raziel - NMS
    Nehemya - OK but NMS
    Zebulon - ditto

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    Thanks for the input, everyone! Even if you don't like them, I really like getting the input. I will be quoting some questions and answering them, please ask ask ask if you want me to answer anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Mariposa - Sweet, very sweet. Like sugar. It's Spanish for butterfly, right?
    Yep. My DH likes that it can be Mari or Posy. And I like the transformational aspect of butterflies.

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Ruxandra - Do you have Romanian blood? It feels very Romanian to me. But it's pretty, I just prefer Roxana or Alexandra.
    I do have some, though I'm sort of an Eastern European smash-up. (Romanian, Ukrainian...etc.) I like that it can be Rue. But I do wonder if it's just making Roxana more complicated. I like Roxy but so many people have said it sounds "stripper-y" that it bummed me out. And I like the -xandra, but I cannot use Alexandra! I do think Alexandra is a wonderfully regal name, but it's out for me. I can't get any closer to Alexander than Iskender/Alastair.

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Elkanan/Elchanan - It sounds like an electric canon or something.
    Well dang. It was supposed to sound more like elkh-ha-NAAN.
    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Hadriel - Interesting. Archangel? It's very nice, and magical. Sounds like sweet little silver bells.
    Yeah, I have a thing for the obscure angel names, Hadriel, Cassiel, Raziel, Haniel, Zadkiel. They're not Biblical, they're more folklore/writings.

    Quote Originally Posted by hanniekitt View Post
    Elkanan/Elchanan - is this a form of Elkanah? I think I'd prefer just that
    Yes, it's a form/variant. My granddad was a Hanan, which is a diminutive of it. I like Elkan & Elkanah but they seem further away. I've known an Elchanan before but I know it's sort of a clunky/obscure/ethnic name so I'm not sure. I keep trying to convince my husband it can at least be wedged in as a middle name.

    Quote Originally Posted by hanniekitt View Post
    Nehemya - is this like Nehemiah?
    Yes, it's the Hebrew. Instead of ne-heh-MY-ah, it's ne-CHEM-ya. (the ch like in loch, not like in choo-choo train...) 3 syllables, not 4. I sorta really love it. I don't know if being shorter makes it any easier though.

    Quote Originally Posted by hanniekitt View Post
    Naphtali - I've never heard if anyone using this before, but I quite like it
    It's a family name for me. I've got some rather uncommon ones, lol! My DH prefers Naphtali to Elchanan. Though perhaps some would feel that's not much of a choice, haha.

    I'm going to go through the suggested new names now. Thank you again, everyone!

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    Andromeda - LOVE. Ann or Andie are pretty wearable nicknames, too.
    Immanuela or Emmanuella - Not a fan of, really. Imma/Emma or Ella would be wearable, more youthful and fun nicks though.
    Lucasta - Not very playful or fun at all. I like Lu though.
    Ravenna - I honestly thought it was just a play on Raven. I think its pretty and Ray or Enna are possible nicks.
    Ceridwen - I have no idea how to pronounce this, still.
    Raziela - Same as Lucasta, except I don't know any possible nicknames.
    Mariposa - Interesting and kind of bouncy. I like the nickname Posy; I think that's the best part.
    Gwendolen - Pretty and sophisticated. Gwen isn't my favorite nickname though.
    Gwyneira - More uncommon version of Gwendolen, and I like the nickname Neira more than Gwen.
    Mirabel - I'm really tired of -bel names.
    Ruhama/Ruchama - Not very playful or fun.
    Isidora - I haaate Dora.
    Hypatia - Same as Ruhama.
    Valeria - Val isn't a very cute nickname and Valeria always sounded like a disease to me.
    Rahela or Raquela - Same as Ruhama.
    Morwenna - Pretty and interesting. Not sure about any nicknames.
    Felicia/Felicienne - I've never liked Felicia, and actually prefer Felixa.
    Ruxandra - I don't like -andra names. Rux is a cool start though.
    Thomasin - Always loved this name. Its pretty sounding with a pretty meaning. The nickname possibility is the only thing I don't like.

    Hawthorn - I don't think it needs the "E" at the end. Its a neat name either way, but idk about nicknames.
    Lysander - I'm not a fan of -sander.
    Gideon - Neat name that always made me think of a knight.
    Peregrine - Very interesting but I'm not a fan.
    Orion - Very cool and powerful, Ori, Ri, or Rion are nicknames. It also makes me think of Titus.
    Iskender - No..
    Thaddeus - Never liked this name.
    Alasdair/Alastair - Never liked this name. I think it lacks personality.
    Sebastian - Love this name. Strong and adventurous!
    Emmanuel/Immanuel - See Immanuella
    Finnian - I love Finn names!
    Elkanan/Elchanan - Noooo
    Naphtali - I have... no idea how to say this. Reminds me of Nathaniel though.
    Demetrius - N0000000
    Hadriel - Interesting? Hadley could be a nickname.
    Raziel - Raz would be a cool nick.
    Nehemya - sounds more feminine to me.
    Zebulon - Sounds like an evil intergalactic dictator.

    From your lists, my favorites are Andromeda, Mariposa, Hawthorn, Gideon, Orion, Sebastian, and Finnian.

    I really like Andromeda with Sebastian; they're both really adventurous, strong names to me.

    I personally love long syllable names. My personal favorites are Philomena and Chrysanthemum!
    aurora- autumn- ashwyn- bambi- bernadette- calliope- emmalou- henriette- indigo- ione- january- lark- leela- llewellyn- lydia- marnie- molly- narnia- noelle- oralee- penelope- philomena- rain- raven- roxy- ruby- snow- tessa- thora- waverly- willow- winter- wren- zoe | abel- aesop- angus- banjo- bartholomew- bear- bruce- burkley- darwin- elliot- finn- flynn- foster- henry- indigo - knox - laszlo - lyle - navy - nemo - noah - otis - oakley - rainn - thatcher - thomas - thompson - titus - zen

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    These are the pronunciations I've been using for some of the less popular ones, please let me know if more pronunciations are needed:

    Raziela - rah-zee-el-la - 4 syllables. I say Raziel rah-zee-el. Are there people saying Raziel ra-zell?
    Ruchama - Roo-kha-ma, almost roo-ha-ma
    Ruxandra - roo-ksan-dra
    Naphtali - NAHF-tahl-ee
    Elchanan - elk-ha-NAAN

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