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    Long, lyrical, and a little bit magical

    So, my husband told me he actually really likes long first names with our last name. This is a list of some of my favourite names of 3+ syllables, this list including some offbeat ones. Please let me know what you think of them, and if they're usable.

    They're not ranked in any particular order of preference. Some of them I'm thinking of as middle name material, but I'd be interested to hear which you think work up front or which should be MNs only.

    Immanuela or Emmanuella
    Ravenna - do you think an elaboration on Raven, or the city in Italy? Normally I avoid place names...
    Rahela or Raquela

    Hawthorn - Does it NEED the -e on the end? I prefer the botanical aspect to the literary one but Hawthorne's more used?

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    Andromeda - alwasy think of the Harry Potter cahracter, seems too common of a mythological name to be different any more
    Immanuela or Emmanuella - go with E, or try Emmeline or Emmanuline
    Lucasta - just not the greatest ring to ti, try Laudice
    Ravenna - recent Snow White movie boosted popularity, i think of ravine - think a cliff or canyon
    Ceridwen - pronunciation and spelling trouble her whole life, skip
    Raziela - add an L, but it still feels raspberry and rage-ish
    Mariposa - a Barbie movie character
    Gwendolen - not too crazy that people wont know what you're talking about, lovely
    Gwyneira - stick with Gwendolen
    Mirabel - olden charm name, prefer Clarabel
    Ruhama/Ruchama - not pretty. at all. reminds me of roaches
    Isidora - not bad, cute, but up and coming due to everyone trying to find Isabel alternatives
    Hypatia - Hepatitis? skip
    Valeria - go with Valerie, Valeria sounds like another disease
    Rahela or Raquela - leave out the hela go with Raquella (think more people will assume double ll)
    Morwenna - skip, long 'wended'
    Felicia/Felicienne - Felicia, Felicienne makes me want to start singing Feliz Navidad. also try Phillipa
    Ruxandra - o_O just go with Roxanna or if you have to Roxandra
    Thomasin - still sounds like a boys name, go with Thomasina

    Hawthorn - Does it NEED the -e on the end? YES its the more common spelling, save your kid a lot of unnecessary grief correcting everyone his entire life.
    Lysander - a nice Alex alternative
    Gideon - love, lots of history and weight
    Peregrine - i think of a hobbit falcon, skip, try Percy
    Orion - just ok, prefer Thor if you can get past the comic book character
    Iskender - go with Isander, Iskender is too much even for all the other crazy Alexander variations, plus its a kebab
    Thaddeus - knew someone with this name, forever ruined
    Alasdair/Alastair - stair, more common, more easily understood when said
    Sebastian - kinda been there trended that.
    Emmanuel/Immanuel - i say go with E, again for ease
    Finnian - better than Finnigan but i hate the overly trendy and over used Finn
    Elkanan/Elchanan - El Cannon? skip
    Naphtali - sounds pretty feminine
    Demetrius - a lil over the top, try Demitri
    Hadriel - not bad
    Raziel - already nixed off your girl list
    Nehemya - another feminine name
    Zebulon - over the top, skip
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    Andromeda - Beautiful, and absolutely usable. I'm considering putting it back on my list, it's that gorgeous.
    Ceridwen - My lost love. This is utterly stunning, and should be used as a first name. It's so shiny and mystical.
    Felicia/Felicienne - I dislike Felicia (don't know why), but I adore Felicienne! It's good as a first name, but it works incredibly well as a middle, because of the French emphasis on the last syllable. Ceridwen Felicienne.
    Gwendolen - Beautiful, I really like this name. I'm a sucker for all Gwen and -wen names, and this one's got Gwendolen Harleth from Daniel Deronda, and Gwendolen Fairfax from The Importance of Being Earnest.
    Gwyneira - Oooh, this is so super pretty and sweet. I can't imagine a little girl not loving being named Gwyneira! It's just lovely and feels like pink silk ribbons.
    Hypatia - Hauntingly beautiful. It's one of the most powerful namesakes ever, and the name is just delicious. I'd love it as a first.
    Immanuela or Emmanuella - I prefer Emmanuelle, it's so sleek and elegant. But these two aren't bad either.
    Isidora - So pretty, gift of Isis! I'm not the biggest fan of -dora names, but it is adorable.
    Lucasta - I only think of the Lovelace poem. The name isn't bad, I just get this feeling of doom, it's dark and gloomy and conspiring.
    Mariposa - Sweet, very sweet. Like sugar. It's Spanish for butterfly, right?
    Mirabel - Pretty. I really like Mira.
    Morwenna - Ooooh, I love this. So so good. I'd love to see it as a first (I think you're brave enough).
    Rahela or Raquela - I prefer plain old Rachel. Raquela is very pretty though.
    Ravenna - I do think of the Italian city first. The thing is, Italian place names sound so good! Ravenna sounds like a name, there's nothing place-ish about it. I think it's very beautiful, and the city is gorgeous.
    Raziela - I've never liked this much, it feels very heavy to me. I'd stick it in the middle.
    Ruhama/Ruchama - No, this looks and sounds wrong.
    Ruxandra - Do you have Romanian blood? It feels very Romanian to me. But it's pretty, I just prefer Roxana or Alexandra.
    Thomasin - Pretty! Thomasin is gorgeous and adorable. Tamsin is sweet as well.
    Valeria - Not a big fan, but it's quite pretty.

    Alasdair/Alastair - I like both. As a first or middle, both would be good.
    Demetrius - Very brooding, in a good way. First, please! With sister Andromeda .
    Elkanan/Elchanan - It sounds like an electric canon or something.
    Emmanuel/Immanuel - Emmanuel, please. I like it, even though it sounds very religious. It's handsome.
    Finnian - Like, like Finnegan even more, but it's good.
    Gideon - Very dark and brooding. Gideon can't be a weak little leaf though.
    Hadriel - Interesting. Archangel? It's very nice, and magical. Sounds like sweet little silver bells.
    Hawthorn - Nope. It does not. I prefer Hawthorn without the -e. Like the author, but if I used it it would be for the tree.
    Iskender - Nice, I like this eastern touch. I'd use it as a middle.
    Lysander - Swooning gorgeousness. Lysander is a good one! Love the sound, and it's so pretty. First, please!
    Naphtali - nice enough, but doesn't make me swoon.
    Nehemya - It's got a nice enough sound, but that's all. Middle.
    Orion - I like this very much, but it never quite makes my list. I do love it though, and it's very usable.
    Peregrine - Very sexy. It works amazingly as a middle, because it's got such a different sound to so many other names, but it's brilliant as a first as well.
    Raziel - I don't like this much, it's so heavy. But it's fine as a middle.
    Sebastian - Love this. Its on my middle list, but it's gorgeous as a first too. Sebastian is a beautiful beautiful name.
    Thaddeus - So clunky and cool. As long as your child is smart... I love this name so much.
    Zebulon - I like Zebuleon better, but it's cute. Very Biblical though, but I'm gathering that you like those names. I'd use it as a middle.
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    Andromeda - it's always sounded harsh to me
    Immanuela or Emmanuella - never managed to like it
    Lucasta - I don't know why, but it sounds masculine to me
    Ravenna - I think of the bird. It's pretty
    Ceridwen - this is really lovely
    Raziela - I'm not certain how to pronounce this, so I'm not sure; I could see it having 3 or 4 syllables
    Mariposa - this is really sweet and reminds me of marzipan!
    Gwendolen - I love Gwendolen, it's great
    Gwyneira - I like this too, but prefer Gwendolen
    Mirabel - a very beautiful name
    Ruhama/Ruchama - not 100% certain on this pronunciation either
    Isidora - Isadora is adora-ble
    Hypatia - not a fan
    Valeria - I have always hated both Valerie and Valeria, sorry
    Rahela or Raquela - I prefer Raquela
    Morwenna - this is really lovely
    Felicia/Felicienne - I'd prefer Felicity to either of these, though I don't mind Felicienne. I really dislike Felicia though
    Ruxandra - I'd prefer Alexandra
    Thomasin - this is lovely, though I'd prefer Tamsin

    Hawthorn - I think I prefer the -e but I don't think it really matters either way, just what you prefer. I think it's very handsome
    Lysander - I love Lysander, it's awesome
    Gideon - i dint dislike it, but I want to love it, but can't
    Peregrine - very distinguished, I like it
    Orion - I like Orion too
    Iskender - not a fan, sorry
    Thaddeus - nice enough but nms
    Alasdair/Alastair - I don't dislike it, but it feels a bit middle-aged
    Sebastian - I don't know why, but I've never loved sebastian, though I don't dislike it either
    Emmanuel/Immanuel - see Emmanuella
    Finnian - I like this version of Finn
    Elkanan/Elchanan - is this a form of Elkanah? I think I'd prefer just that
    Naphtali - I've never heard if anyone using this before, but I quite like it
    Demetrius - love Demetrius. I'm nit sure whether I like it or Lysander more
    Hadriel - I prefer Hadrian
    Raziel - not a fan
    Nehemya - is this like Nehemiah?
    Zebulon - this is quite cool
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    Love love Peregrine and Emmanuelle for a girl

    I also really like Mirabel, Lucasta, Gideon, Zebulon, Thaddeus, Lysander, Finnian and Hawthorne...

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