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    I agree you shouldn't put the new baby in his room right away.

    He's very young. At 3, children can be in VASTLY different stages of development. You can't really compare him to his older brother. Bridger getting excited sounds sweet, but Avery's reaction sounds just as normal.

    If Avery will be spending more time with grandparents, another caretaker, or dad will be taking over some routine (bath time, dinner, whatever), you should start that now. It doesn't have to be every day, but get him used to the idea of someone new caring for him.

    Books on being a big brother are great, and so is showing him pictures of his newborn stage to get him used to the idea. Potty training or weaning can be done now, but expect revert in behavior when the baby comes.
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    I think he will come around. He probably is just feeling jealous that he will no longer be the "baby" in the house. Instead of trying to get him excited for the baby, why not take him out on a special outing. Just the two of you. Show him, you still love him and care for him. Make him feel like he isn't forgotten, you know? BTW, I'm not trying to attack you and insinuate that you're neglecting him but I assume that he probably just feels like he isn't important anymore. Especially if this baby is all heres about.

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    Thank you all for all your advice. Avery is still sort of not that excited about the new baby so me and my husband decided for Avery and me go out for the whole day on the weekend. He seems to be excited about that.
    Also, thanks about the advice on where the baby should sleep. I think we will do that for the first couple of months.
    Thankyou everybody!!!
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    Don't panic. I recently went through this same experience. When I first told Jade I was pregnant with Daniel (gender then unknown), she was against the very thought. She even told me that she didn't want the baby to be in my belly, and refused to accept the possibility that the baby might be a boy. Jade was 3.5 at the time (she recently had her 4th birthday). Anyway, fast forward a few months... we decided to find out the gender to get Jade used to the idea if the little one was a boy. She was upset at first, but we continued to refer to the baby by the name we picked out (Daniel Jackson) and she soon became very attached. We would even tease her and call the baby different names like, Roger or Freddie and she would very cutely cry out, "No! I want Daniel Jackson!" As if it were an entirely different person in there! Now she adores her "sweet baby brother" as she calls him. Just giver your guy a little time. He'll come around.

    Good luck with everything,

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    I think the "Big Brother Party" suggestion is pretty great! I wouldn't spend too much time trying to convince him that having a baby will be wonderful & how great the baby is...I wouldn't try to force excitement about the baby. But a party could work. Tell him it's like a birthday party, which means (whether you like it or not) you're another year older- a Big Brother Party means that you're a big brother. It let's him know that this is happening and gives him the option of enjoying it/feeling important. Of course he still might not like the idea. But it might help put things in perspective.

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