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    They are both fine names but are close in pronunciation. If in the long run that doesn't bother you than use Alexa, otherwise I'd look for a name with a similar feel, Avery for instance, but a slightly different sound.

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    Sorry, I'd get tongue tied saying the two together! What about Eliana? With the nn Ellie or Elle I LOVE this name! I think it sounds cute with your older daughter's name without being to matchy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catloverd View Post
    my key rule is if you have to ask, then it's too close
    Yes, I agree with this

    The xa and the sa endings are too close

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    I think they're too close. How about Eden, Avery, or Alanna?

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    The Lex and Lis parts of the names are the only sounds separating them. I think they are definitely too matchy!
    Here some suggestions for a sister for Elissa:
    If you like the trendy "X" then you might like Roxanne or Maxine
    If you like the -a ending you might like Fiona or Serena
    If you like the vowel name (to go with E for Elissa) you might like Adelaide or Ivy

    Good luck!
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