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    The rebel, The dreamer and The mercenary

    Yet again my English teachers insist on using narratives as assessments.

    I'm writing about a band of three people (who i shall call The rebel, The dreamer and The mercenary for the time being) who are trying to find a better life. here's thier descriptions:

    The Rebel: Male.About fifteenish. Arbian looks, with dark hair and milk chocolate skin. Very bitter about his past, and rather ruthless.

    The dreamer: Female. forteenish. Dark blond hair and green eyes. sort of innocent and willing to take chances.

    The mercenary: male. Early thirties. a big african man. Likes to eat, and sleep, funnily enough. enjoys cooking.

    Also, villain names are really really helpful.(the names just have to sound evil)


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    Rebel: Flint? Miles? James Willoughby aka Willoughby?

    Dreamgirl: Imani, Lula, Ashlyn nn Ash

    Sleeping mercenary:Ishmael, Harvey, Alfred, Archibald nn Archie, Ajamu.

    Evil people: Hmm... Bob?

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    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Ares[/FONT](Feels foreign. Means Battle or Strife. You could use the cool nn. of Ace)
    [FONT=Arial Black]Dean[/FONT](feels like a rebel name. Probably because of James Dean.)


    [FONT=Arial Black]Aisling[/FONT] (meaning: dream, vision)
    Poppy (Poppy seeds can put you to sleep, where you dream)


    Mercer(Rather obvious.)
    Narcissus(Narcissus "created" narcissism. He was selfish.)

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    Rebel: Erik, Nikolai, Orion, or Micah.
    Dreamer: Alicia, Brooke, Maggie, or Jaya.
    Mercenary: Jubal, Milo, Duncan, or Vaughn.

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    Dreamer--Romera (Romy)
    Mercenary--Nikolai/Nikos, or Maximo/Maximus

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