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    (Very) Foreign Names

    While actually having children to name is years in the future for me, I wanted to know what everyone thought of this...

    I'm very into studying foreign languages (not all Americans only know one language) and I hope to learn many. I started with Spanish, and have now become interested in more exotic languages, especially those of the Middle East and Asia. I'm currently in the process of learning Arabic, and would like to eventually learn Farsi (persian), Hebrew, Hindi and/or Urdu just to name a few. While I may still add a few European languages to the list, I'm focusing primarily on African and Asian languages. I've also come to love a lot of names from these languages. I wanted to know if it would be considered very weird (in a bad way) to give a child a name from a drastically different culture than your own. I'm white, with very fair skin and hair, as well as blue eyes, and not shockingly have no heritage in any part of Africa or Asia. Do you foresee any problems with giving a child of mine a Spanish, Arabic, or even Japanese, Chinese or Hindi name? Or do you think it would be a lovely, unique choice?

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    it honestly depends.

    some names have heavy cultural connotations. i wouldnt pick Mohammed or Sanjay or Li - they are 'stereotypical' names of their culture.

    i also wouldnt pick a name thats 5 syllables and requires special characters like apostrophes and a dictionary in order to pronounce.

    there are plenty of foreign names that sound lovely and even normal to our ears, its just a matter of sifting through them all.

    if you happen to like a particular name sound from a letter combo or want a name to start with "J" use the Nameberry search and add the origin filter.

    ps - i tried this with Japanese the other day and NOTHING came up, no matter what i put in - even blank o_O
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    It depends on the name, I've seen some very lovely African/Asian names that fit well with American culture, like Afia, Amadi, Dalila, Akira, Amaya, Hana, Kessie, Parisa, Nala, Imara, Zala etc. While others like Falala, Nazy, Kwayubi, Sen, Yui, Salama, Ngozi, Pilipili would be harder to pull off. But I think if you can find a foreign name that fits well with the culture it's a great option for you.
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    As a language lover myself, I love how much the world opens up when you speak multiple! Especially the name options! I really love Sira (African Origins) and I know a family that had a Musashi (japanese) (girl), Varanya (thai) and Zane. Their names were very international and I think they were amazing.

    I agree with the above comments though. It's just going to depend on the name.

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