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Thread: Frustrated

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    All of our friends are having babies right now and we are trying to get pregnant. I have baby fever so I've been on a name binge.

    For boys, I have:
    Josiah "Si" Strong Garza
    Joel Eliseo (or Elliott) Garza
    Samuel Gideon Garza
    Madden Garza
    Breaker Garza
    Tracker Garza
    Phelan Garza

    For girls:
    Elizabeth "Effy" Lynn Garza
    Elizabeth "Effy" Robin Garza
    Rowan Lynn Garza

    I need help in particular with girls names... Joel and Josiah are family names, as is Eliseo
    Other family names include Ashley, Allison, Leslie, Oscar, Maria, Rosa, David, Yvonne, Debbie, Ariana, Dorothy, Nora, Lena

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    Any good name ideas?

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    I love Josiah nn Si and Elizabeth nn Effy!

    I also like Samuel Gideon.

    I can picture a sibset of Josiah, Elizabeth and Oscar.
    Si, Effy and Oz!
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    Sorry you're frustrated. But, it's bound to happen when everyone else seems to be popping them out and you aren't.
    I totally feel you. (Try getting in as much baby time as you can. I personally prefer Toddler-Time to Newborn-Time. I get more of a contact high. lol.)

    Eliseo is amazing. So cool that it's a family name for you.
    Your boys names are pretty great so I'm just going to tackle the girls a bit.

    You seem to love Elizabeth nn Effy (rightfully so) so I think these would be great with that....
    Fiona nn Fee. (Effy and Fee)
    Mirabell nn Bell
    Josephine nn Posey (one of my fav nn's ever)
    Elenora nn Nora (with a Nora in the family this could be great. I'd avoid Elle as a nn with Effy).
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    Samuel Gideon is amazing! So strong and intelligent!

    I like all your girls picks as well. As for some suggestions:

    Rosemary Alana Garza
    Mary Rose Garza
    Lenora Maria Garza
    Dvora Lena Garza
    Marisa Joelle Garza
    Jocelyn Arianna Garza
    Jolene Rosanna Garza

    Joshua Mario Garza
    David Josiah Garza
    Joel Marion Garza
    Leo Josiah Garza

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