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    Thoughts on my Combos

    Hey Berries! I've recently been revamping a lot of my girls combos and thought it would be helpful to get some second opinions since my list is a bit all over the place. You can rank them, comment on them, and I'm definitely open to suggestions. Thanks for your help!

    Ana Felicity
    Anastasia Greta
    Aria Josephine
    Briella Daisy
    Effy Matilda
    Gemma Scarlett
    Katherine JulietKit
    Kaya Emmeline
    Hanna Rosalind
    Hazel Aurora
    Henrietta ClaireHattie
    Isabel Charlotte
    Lillian HeidiLilly
    Livia Sloane
    Lola Sofia
    Lucille Vittoria "Lucy"
    Luna Eloise
    Noa Genevieve
    Penelope Winter
    Selena Bryn
    Caroline - 18 - fascinated by names
    Isabel Charlotte ~ Briella Daisy ~ Aria Josephine ~ Livia Sloane ~ Selena Bryn
    Henry Jonah ~ Ivan Gilbert ~ Theodore James ~ Maxwell Griffin ~ Noel Declan
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    I will rate them on how they look and sound together. Faves are in bold.

    Ana Felicity - Yes, I know Ana is the Spanish spelling...if only it didn't look so short! One more "n" and Anna Felicity would be fine!
    Aria Josephine - Pretty to look at and to say aloud!
    Katherine JulietKit” - you can't go wrong with two classics. I do prefer Catherine Juliet
    Kaya Emmeline - I prefer the spelling of Caia or Kaia.
    Hanna Rosalind - Again, I know Hanna is a legitimate spelling but I think Hannah Rosalind "looks" better.
    Hazel Aurora - A vintage and princess-y name all rolled into one!
    Henrietta Claire Hattie” - Claire smoothes out the clunkiness of Henrietta. Hattie Claire is cute!
    Isabel Charlotte - This may be my favourite. Classic chic!
    Lillian HeidiLilly” - I don't like the cutesy Heidi. I new a mean Lillian when I was young so that isn't a favourite name either.
    Livia Sloane - Livia is a gorgeous Italian gem. Why ruin it with the name Sloane which rhymes with moan and groan? They seem oddly mismatched to me.
    Lola Sofia - too many vowels
    Lucille Vittoria "Lucy" - I love Lucille. I'm not a fan of Vittoria/Victoria.
    Luna Eloise - too heavy on the "oo" sounds
    Noa Genevieve - A strange match but they flow well together.
    Penelope Winter - This is a lovely pairing! The frilliness of Penelope is grounded by the coolness of Winter in the middle spot.
    Selena Bryn - I like the spelling Selina better but these two names work well together.
    All the best,

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    ooo, I really like your style. A lot of these are really lovely!

    Katherine JulietKit” - lovely!
    Livia Sloane - I'm not over the moon about Sloane, but Livia is one I swoon over! What about Livia Naomi or Livia Sue or Livia Sable?
    Luna Eloise - very pretty!
    Aria Josephine - beautiful
    Briella Daisy - I'm not too fond of Daisy and I think the trendier Briella needs something more substantial in the middle. Briella Dinah or Briella Ivy or Briella Cecily
    Gemma Scarlett - pretty
    Penelope Winter - ooo, very elegant

    Anastasia Greta - I normally like -a/-a combos but I don't like the flow of this one. Anastasia Winter or Anastasia Clara or Anastasia Bryn?
    Hanna Rosalind - pretty, a bit n heavy, but I still like it
    Henrietta ClaireHattie” - I'm not super fond of Henrietta, but it's a lovely combo
    Hazel Aurora - I don't mind it. Neither name is my favorite, but it's nice together
    Lucille Vittoria "Lucy" - I like Lucy a lot, Vittoria is interesting as well. It's not bad.
    Ana Felicity - simple but nice
    Isabel Charlotte - both very popular, I think Isabella Charlotte flows better
    Lillian HeidiLilly” -cute combo, I like it. I'd put Heidi first personally, Heidi Lilliana.

    Noa Genevieve - I adore Genevieve! Noa I just don't really like on a girl. It's all boy to me. Nora Genevieve or Noelle Genevieve or Nova Genevieve or Genoa Eve I'd be all over with love!
    Effy Matilda - Matilda is a super cute mn, I'm not fond of Effy. I know too many people who say "effing" to replace the F word, and that's all I can ever think of.
    Lola Sofia - Lia Sofia is a brand of jewelry and I have a few of their pieces. And I really don't like Lola--I hear "low light" or "low life" or "lie low". What about Laura Sofia or Lyra Sofia or Leona Sofia?
    Selena Bryn - all I think of is the Mexican singer who was killed. Not a great connection.
    Kaya Emmeline - I'm just not fond of either name. Kaya seems very trendy as does Emmeline.
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    Ana Felicity - very cute
    Anastasia Greta - the flow is off
    Aria Josephine - they don't feel the same to me...Greta Josephine works for me though
    Briella Daisy - a bit cutesy
    Effy Matilda - What would Effy be short for? I wouldn't want to be a grown woman with Effie as my full first name.
    Gemma Scarlett - very nice
    Katherine JulietKit - OK, this one is lovely
    Kaya Emmeline - the ending A and beginning E trips my tongue, and they're stylistically quite different
    Hanna Rosalind - oh that's charming; I love this spelling
    Hazel Aurora - this may be my favorite Hazel combination
    Henrietta ClaireHattie” - prefer spelling Clare
    Isabel Charlotte - lovely combination, and I love that spelling, but a more unexpected middle would be fun there
    Lillian HeidiLilly” - the combination is off, though I love Lillian
    Livia Sloane - oh that's cute
    Lola Sofia - works
    Lucille Vittoria "Lucy" - combination doesn't work for me
    Luna Eloise - very sweet, if a bit too much quirk--maybe Luna Rosalind?
    Noa Genevieve - good flow, unexpected
    Penelope Winter - lovely
    Selena Bryn - not my style but it flows well

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    Ana Felicity - I, too, prefer the Anna spelling, but in general I find both just so very plain. Plus, with a virtue name like Felicity, the whole image is very stuffy.
    Anastasia Greta - Anastasia is a lovely, princessy name, and really just doesn't flow well at all with Greta. Though I dislike Greta, if you like it, consider Anastasia Gretel, for flow's sake. I would choose a different name from your list, however, like Anastasia Brielle or Anastasia Scarlett instead. Also, for me, depends on how you pronounce it? Are you thinking ah-nah-staz-ee-uh or anna-stay-juh? I dislike the first one (sounds like "nasty") but the latter is lovely.
    Aria Josephine - The flow is nice, though the names' styles are very different. Meh.
    Briella Daisy - Cute, prefer Daisy Briella or Daisy Brielle.
    Effy Matilda - Effy feels very nickname-y to me, and the only Effy/Effie's I know of are fictional characters: Effy Stonem, from the TV show Skins, and Effie Trinket, from The Hunger Games. While they might be interesting characters, I wouldn't want my daughter modeled after either of them.
    Gemma Scarlett - Very lovely. Has a gorgeous Southern belle flair.
    Katherine JulietKit” - Nickname Kit is an adorable variation on Kate, though I just dislike the Katherine spelling, and as a whole I prefer Juliet to Katherine. This one might not be my favorite, but it's in runner-up category.
    Kaya Emmeline - These two names don't really go together...Emmeline isn't my favorite, and isn't Kaya a doll or something?
    Hanna Rosalind - Lovely, though I prefer Rosalind Hanna.
    Hazel Aurora - Ooh, gorgeous. Both Hazel Aurora and Aurora Hazel are beautiful.
    Henrietta ClaireHattie” - Hattie is a stretch from Henrietta; I also prefer Hendrika to Henrietta. Clare is prettier than Claire. This one's a little old-ladyish, but not necessarily in a bad way.
    Isabel Charlotte - two very, very trendy names. Isabel Carlotta or Jezebel Charlotte would freshen them up a bit.
    Lillian HeidiLilly” - Meh.
    Livia Sloane - Livia and Sloane don't go at all; Livia is dramatic and ultra-feminine, Sloane is a grunt, very masculine.
    Lola Sofia - Feminississima. Lola Sophie or Lily Sophia would flow better.
    Lucille Vittoria "Lucy" - Another uber-feminine combo. Prettier than the others.
    Luna Eloise - Cute, quirky.
    Noa Genevieve - Absolutely beautiful, but I do hope you're pronouncing Noa as noh-AH, and not as the boys' name Noah (which has emphasis as NOH-ah).
    Penelope Winter - Penelope is very cutesy and Winter strong and grown-up; the two don't match. Phaedra Winter or Persephone Winter would do better.
    Selena Bryn - Flows well, though not my favorite names.
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