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    Annabelle would be my favorite by far (though I prefer the Annabel spelling). I think it sounds great with Noah and Annabelle June is so cute.

    I do find Eden to be a sort of stripperish name also... Sorry. It comes off as kind of trashy in the same way certain virtue names, a la Charity and Charisma. Plus, in combination with Noah it's way too over the top religious for my taste.

    Also for what it's worth I know no less than seven Avens under the age of 8 and they're all males. I find it incredibly masculine in comparison to the rest of your names.

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    Thanks to all of you for the wonderful feedback. I'm now starting to entertain Anabelle.

    @lonestar, it does help that you know some boys named Aven - perhaps hubs is right on one thing.
    @sophluella, he will not even ENTERTAIN the idea of Aria. I love it, especially having grown up with a musical background, which is what I connect it too. He on the other hand, just hears a name that sounds foreign to him. I'm not sure why his disdain for Vivian. I was shocked I liked it at first, but I have a thing for classic Hollywood and the name embodies that to me. For pronouncing, Avaline, she has a cousin named Adalyn, and they will frequently be around one another.

    To those of you who brought up the Noah/Eden biblical connection, that is another point my sister made. She said it was too over the top with the two of them together.

    Lila- I agree it is too sing songy...I LOVE L names though, always have
    Haven - husband hates this more than Aven, and he won't go for the alternatives either
    Evangaline- is back on my top list
    Etta - i REALLY like, he does NOT

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    I simply adore Evangeline.

    I don't think it's too long at all. It lends itself to many different nicknames:

    Evan (if she's more tomboy)
    Line (leen)/Linnie/ Lina

    It could fit any type of personality. But it's also stunning in it's long form.

    I like how Evangeline and Noah are both religious. Noah and Eden seem like too much together.

    I am wishing you the best of luck.

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    I agree with your sister about Eden. I like the suggestion of Edith. I think Annabelle fits with with Noah, though I prefer the Annabel spelling. Evangeline June is my top pick, goes beautifully with Noah and you could use Eva as a nn.

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    If you like Avaline and Aven but hubs isn't a fan, how about Avis or Mavis? There is also Avery, but it's a bit popular. I will say I know more than one boy named Aven. You could also try Stella instead of Ella.

    I like Annabel, and as far as Eden goes, I don't totally disagree with your sister but I don't immediately think stripper when I hear it. I prefer Eva to Evangeline, but that's a personal preference. Good luck
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