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    Based on the names that you both can sort of agree on, how about these:
    Adele, Adeline, Adelaide
    Delilah, Lilith, Liegh
    Under construction...

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    I hear the stripper thing all the time too for names that seem reasonable to me! Although sometimes I can understand where it comes from.

    DH has cousins who are all named after Virtues: Faith, Hope, and Chastity (and also Destiny which the mom considers a virtue name...) and we hear the stripper thing all the time! Now, the names are paired with other could-conceivably-be-"stripper"-style names as middle names, like jewels (Jade and Sapphire), and the mom was super young, which doesn't help much.

    Still, as has been said by other namers, it has been said for so many names that can be so beautiful or classy on their own. I wouldn't RIGHT AWAY make the Eden/stripper connection. I would be more likely to think the problem was the overabundance of super-Biblical connotations. Noah and Eden haven't really made "names" for themselves anywhere as strongly as in the Bible.

    I do like Anabelle. Has anyone mentioned Arabella? It's one of my favorite ready-for-revamping names ever guessed it, Harry Potter of course! Also with Arabella you could call her Ari or Aria for a nickname (although it may drive hubs crazy if he hates it! Haha).

    Futurekids will have 2-syllable French surname.

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    Layla June Riley is gorgeous. No one from her generation (or mine, for that matter) will think of the Clapton song. Layla and Noah sound great together.

    Eva June is pretty too, though, and Evangeline is one of my favs. Evangeline June, with Eva as the nn? So pretty! I don't think it's too much of a mouthful with a simple, straightforward last name like yours. In fact, I'm a bit jealous on that count. I agree that your little one would love her name... as soon as she learned how to say it!

    Are there other names with the -ella sound that you both might like? Ellery, Della, Arabella?

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    Eden sounds fantastic with big brother's name, AND with your last name. I only know one child named Eden. She's six, adorable, and wears it well. So to me, the name has no negative connotations.

    My other favourite from your lists is Eva. Eva Riley is fantastic!

    I don't think Sydney, Lorelei or Lila work with your lastname.

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    Of your options I like:
    Eden June
    Imogen Noelle
    Aria June
    Teagan Noelle

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