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    HELP! baby almost here, marriage in jeopardy, LOL (round 2)

    UPDATE:Hubs listened to all the posts on here, and says he now likes Evangeline, Eva or Annabel. No other suggestions make his cut, and he feels he can rule the rest out. Since his declaration of those 3, we've updated the list to the below. He may not be open to suggestions, but I am!

    The choices... I think: (I don't think I can the baby as Annabel. It really isn't my style)
    Layla/Laila June - a last minute addition. Still really liking Lila June, but worried about Lila Riley being too sing songy
    Evangeline June
    Evangeline Noelle
    Eva June
    Eva Annalise

    I'm very pregnant, very uncomfortable and very stressed that my baby has no name. (being induced 9/1) Thus, my husband disagreeing with everything is not really keeping the harmony in the household. I closed my previous post because it was getting a bit lengthy. To those of you that the below will sound familiar, thank you for contributing. There were so many great suggestions, and it helped to create the new list below.

    Eden was almost "the name." And, is still husband's favorite. However, I couldn't quite commit and I made the mistake of reaching out to my sister for her opinion. Our rule was, no opinion from people close to us so we don't' get our decision influenced. She was hesitant at first, then admitted it wasn't her favorite. She said it made her think of a stripper. Since then, its allure has faded for me..... Does anyone else think Eden has a negative connotation like that?

    Below, please see some likes of mine, some of his... and some that are common ground... kinda....I will run new suggestions past him, but he has SHOT down alot of ideas.

    My List - it would be much longer, but these are the only ones he MIGHT entertain. examples include Vivian, Imogen and Aria THESE ARE ALL OFF THE LIST BECAUSE HE WILL NOT COMPROMISE ON THEM
    Avaline - he says it makes him think of maybeline
    Loralei - he hates because he thinks that people will call her laura or lura
    Aven - my favorite, husband says it is too masculine

    His List - he tends to like short and sweet names, not sure where most of these came from...ALL ARE OFF LIST EXCEPT FOR ANNABEL - i'm liking this spelling because of the Scottish roots, but not sure if I like the way it looks. Also, still trying to like this name
    Ella - this is out because our good friend has the name
    Sydney - to me, this shares the long E sound from our last name, plus, i just don't care for it
    Teegan - to me, more masucline than Aven by far
    Annabelle - don't really think this goes with her big brother's name

    Eden - i feel slightly weird about the origin of the name, but still like the sound, just can't commit
    Eva - the front runner because we both don't hate it
    Lila - but i think Layla sounds better with last name - husband doesn't like how it makes him think of Eric Clapton
    Evangeline - worry it is too much of a mouth full

    Surname is Riley, and big brother is Noah. Also, would really like to use the middle name June -honor name. If not, we will use middle name Noelle or Annaliese.
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    I'm with your sister. I dislike Eden. I just keep thinking of Eden's World > shudder.

    Your spelling for Lorelei is very odd to me. The a does make a Lora/Laura association stronger.
    The "i" seems to be the english translation from the original German Loreley (which looks trendy to me despite it's historic roots).
    I adore this name and think that nn's Lore and Leila (Lie-la) would work really well. I'm considering the second should we ever have a little girl as my SO's aunt's name is Lori nn Lore.
    I also really like Loretta nn Lore or Etta. Maybe that suits you? (It feels a bit awkward vintage but I always think of Loretta Young.)

    How about Haven nn Aven? Or Raven? Mave JuNe nn Aven? (alright the last one is a bit of a stretch but....)
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    Evangeline June is fabulous! If its even anywhere on the table your little girl will love her name- and it goes with Noah!
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    Edith is similar to Eden. . I also like Annabelle.. I think it sounds just fine with Noah . GL

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    My favorites are Eva or Lila, but Lila Riley sounds a bit sing-songey to me. So I pick Eva.

    Eva Noelle
    Eva June
    Eva Annabelle ?
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