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    Thoughts on Luna?

    33 wks pregnant and I've always loved Luna - the meaning and the sound - but my partner is worried she'd get called Lunatic or Loonie...
    any thoughts on whether the teasing potential should be a deal breaker?

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    I actually LOVE this name.
    I didn't necessarily think of the Lunatic or Loonie association as I've been desensitized to the name due to the Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter) association. Due to the popularity of the books the only thing I could think of is being teased as a bit of an airhead or 'dotty' as they put it, in comparison with the character.

    But I do love the name and I would go for it...
    In other threads some teachers have sworn by the fact that children get picked on for a lot of things, names not being one of them.
    Hopefully one of those teachers will defend that point again sometime in this thread.

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    I like the idea of Luna and its meaning, but as I just now read it, it reminded me of the word Tuna. Not that childish name calling is something you need to worry about really, I just never made that connection to it before (I had always thought of it fondly). Also, it is too popular for my taste.
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    I adore Luna. It's one of my absolute favorites! It's beautiful, and I wouldn't ever be worried about teasing from other kids- there are so many worse names you could pick! Luna is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.

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    ahhhh!! I was literally just adding this to my master list of maybes today. I love love love the name Luna. I think it's soooo pretty.

    The thing about teasing is that everybody goes through it, regardless of your name. Even if kids didn't make the luna-tic or loonie connection they'd find something else to tease about because that's how a lot of kids are. No what I mean?

    I say go for it!!
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