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    Hmm...I'm going to be the voice of dissent and say I don't like it. Marbea is actually quite cute, but Margaret and Beatrice are both such gorgeous names, it would be a shame to use neither. Have you considered using two middles? Tessa Margaret Beatrice? Or even using one as a first name instead of Tessa - Margaret Beatrice or Beatrice Margaret? Sorry, you've probably already thought of all this, but I'd hate to see Margaret and Beatrice go to waste. I know you're technically still using them in Marbea, but when people hear that name, they won't necessarily think of a Margaret/Beatrice smush.
    I feel the same way. Marbea kind of takes away the charm from Margaret and Beatrice.

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    I'm gonna go all Arrested Development on everyone and suggest Maebe (alternate spelling of Maeby)

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    I think it's lovely that you are honoring your family members. I also like the name for a mn-it's cute and different!

    One of my friends gave her kids all unique mns. As she said, "That's what middle names are for!"

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    I think you should use both middle names...Tessa Margaret Beatrice --

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