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    None of mine ever really liked them. Juliana never used one at all. She didn't like them in her mouth (she didn't like anything in her mouth, including her bottle though). She was very fussy, but not because of that. Zane used one when he slept at night but never any other time. Aisling took one a few times when she was upset but then stopped wanting it and Lysander has never used one. The only time I ever gave him one he chewed on it then spit it out.

    All of mine have generally preferred to suck on their own fingers or with Aisling, she sucked on her blanket. Don't force it, but don't force not giving it to her either if it's an emergency or and naptime.
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    Neither of my girls had them - why complicate your life with something to remember/clean/replace? Agnes happily sucked her fingers, Felicity never did - felicity self settled at 10 weeks, Agnes at two years! I don't think a pacifier would have made any difference, they're just different personalities. Good luck!
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    I don't like them, so we never used one. They *can* (someone is about to jump in and say "not my baby", but I'm saying SOMETIMES) they can affect breastfeeding, because baby sucks on the dummy instead of the breast. I didn't want to take that risk and I also think they look awful. None of my friends used them though - wonder if it's more of a US thing.
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    Persephone barely uses hers. She sucks her fingers most of the time. She takes it right when she lays down for a nap or to sleep nights, then she spits it out as she's drifting off and sucks her fingers instead. When she's not upset, she doesn't want it and will push it out of her mouth.

    It never bothered her nursing abilities. It was on my end that my nursing problems were coming from. I don't like them because I just don't want her to grow up thinking she has to have one to soothe herself and me end up not able to get it from her when she's older and it ruin her teeth.

    My sister used her paci all the time when she was under one but when she was about one and a half she tossed it out the window of the car while we were on the highway and never wanted one again.

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