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Thread: Hospital bag

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    Hospital bag

    So I've gone and done some of the last minute shopping stuff for my hospital bag (I'm such a procrastinator, I'm going into the hospital tomorrow).

    I've read some things online about what to take but I was wondering what you wished you had packed and didn't and stuff like that.

    Here are the stuff I'm packing for myself:
    Pyjamas ( all gowns/nighties on recommendation from my midwife, I'm taking six)
    Dressing gown
    Slippers (the slip on kind)
    Lots of comfy socks and underwear and all that lovely stuff along with nursing bras and breasts pads
    Shower stuff/toiletries (2in1 shampoo and condition because I'm lazy, shower gel, roll on deodorant, body moisturiser, Vaseline, I'm taking a little make up because I'm vain , toothbrush and all that jazz)
    Entertainment stuff (books, IPad - I have checked in advance with my hospital and I'm allowed to bring it and there is free WiFi, MP3 also a crossword book because I love crosswords)
    Comfy clothes for when I'm leaving - although I'm second guessing it all because I will have a C-section scar/wound and I'm not sure what to take...
    Hair bands, hair ties and clips and all that jazz
    A pillow and small blanket from home just for comfort along with my Teddy bear because I'm a child apparently...
    Eye mask and ear plugs
    Maternity pads

    For baby:
    5 sleep suits
    5 vests
    Nappies (lots! My sister has already warned me to pack loads as I will be in hospital for a few days after the birth)
    Baby blanket
    A wee hat

    My husband is going to bring the car sear when we need it as it will be a few days until we will take her home as she will stay in the hospital with me.

    I'm a first time mum so I'm not sure, my sister has given me lots of advice but she said that even when she had her second she felt like she forgot things. I am also having to go in for observation until the birth so that why there are some stuff that might seem a little over the top like six nighties (I'm going to give my husband them to wash and bring back). I'm also making my husband bring me one of t-shirts every two days because I want the comforting smell this will be the first time I've not shared the same bed with him for three years and the knowledge that he was there was always very comforting to me so hence why I'm doing it, seems a little weird I know...

    Is there anything I've missed or just some general advice for staying on the wards (I've never stayed overnight in a hospital so I'm a little worried).

    Thank you!
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    Thanks for asking this question! I'm a first timer and while I'm not due until the end of November I hope some Moms give us some advice of what is the best to bring!

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    healthy insurance details
    medications (if any)
    pacifier (but try not to use it as it can confuse sucking if trying to breastfeed)
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    If there are any particular snacks/drinks you like. A big thing of hand sanitizer if you'll have visitors. Baby book to get handprints in.

    My guy LIVED in those little white button up long sleeve infant shirts. That's what the hospital had him in, and we got more once we were home bc they were so easy.

    You really don't need much at the hospital except for comfort things. They provide everything else. I'd make sure you have things for when you get home. Some things i had to get as soon as we were Home....

    At least 2 comfy nursing bras. A nightgown with easy boob access for night feeds. Little breast heating pad things. They were so sore when my milk came in, these were a life saver. Also natural nipple cream. Larger Swaddle blankets. Those receiving blankets only work for a couple weeks.

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    Ill also add that you really don't need much for comfort at the hospital either. You will be so exhausted, that you will either be sleeping, feeding or just in awe over your new little one. I looked at my phone a bit but other than that, didn't need anything else. Also, I only wore the hospital gown until I left. Things were so uncomfortable 'down there' and in sure it'll be similar with a scar. The thought of clothing was more of a haste than a comfort.

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