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    We never used them for our second 2, but did for a short while for DS1. He didn't take to it until he had his first vaccinations and then started needing it to go to sleep, but it kept falling out so he was waking more than usual. So we took it away. He cried a bit the first day but I offered BF instead and he soon adapted. I won't offer this one a pacifier either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milasmama View Post
    None of my friends used them though - wonder if it's more of a US thing.
    I was thinking this too. Almost all of the parents were I live don't use dummies (what we called pacifiers). All the ones that I can think of at the moment that do use them are younger mums. Me and both of my sisters didn't have dummies as our parents didn't agree on them. I personally won't be using them for any of my children, I just don't see the point and I don't think that they are necessary.

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    Thanks everyone, good to know that it isn't impossible to do, some of my friends are all about the paci
    She isn't a self soother that I can see at this point, when she cries if she around time to eat I go ahead and offer her BFinf; if she just ate, I hold and walk around or rock her, or take a walk with her in her stroller. This morning DH put her in the swing and she started screaming I let her scream for a few just to see if she would start calming down, that was a big no but once she was being held she was fine.

    I don't want her to become dependent on having a paci, blanket, toy or being held constantly. I saw way to many kids at work who had to have a certain item or parent or they had tantrums all day. But at 2 weeks I'm all about holding her. I am trying to get her into going to sleep in her crib not her swing or being held, sorry now I'm rambling.

    So second question letting her cry? I don't run to comfort her but I don't let her cry for more than 10 minutes or when she is starting to have wheezing breathes. But for self soothing did you just let the baby cry for comfort?
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    Of the kids i nanny, the older loved her pacifier (she used to demand 3 at once, one for the mouth and one for each hand), the younger had no interest. The older one was weaned off of it easily around 15-18 months and had no issues, the younger was offered pacifiers but didn't care for them
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    Two of my daughters never used pacifiers. I tried to get them to use them, but they weren't interested. I actually like pacifiers because it gives me another option for soothing them. Sometimes they would want to suck for comfort. Nursing was always an option but sometimes this would tick them off because they weren't hungry but I'd still be making milk. Plus, the pacifier was nice for using in the car and during naps and for sleep at night.

    We survived without them though! It's not a big deal either way. I found that they didn't interfere with nursing at all. I nursed all of my kids for at least a year - some even longer than this.

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