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    Has anyone gone pacifer free?

    So Daphne is 2 weeks old today, hubby and I have agreed that we don't like the idea of just throwing a paci in her mouth whenever she is a little fussy. At the hospital they gave her one but since we have been home she has had it 3 times and only for a few minutes to calm her down and then we took it out.

    Has anyone else done this going paci free completely or just in case of emergency when nothing else works? I know her crying will most likely increase since right now she mainly sleeps and eat.
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    My daughter was pacifier free, mostly because she didn't care for them when she was tiny so we never offered when she was a little older. We did decide, however, that if she had become attached to one it would end when she was still fairly young (1 yr or younger) because I hate seeing older kids with them in their mouths!

    I say don't even start it! If you've made it this far, just keep at it. If you are breastfeeding, that can also be a good way to soothe your infant, but don't keep at that too long either. Good luck! Just remember that whatever you decide works for you is the right choice, no matter what responses you get here!
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    We never bought one cause she didn't take to the one that someone had given us when she was newborn. I nursed her so we spent those early weeks trying to make nursing work so we didn't introduce anything like that. I guess I was her pacifier which might not appeal to or work for every mom! It worked for us though. I didn't have the intention to go paci free, but I guess she never went for it and I never pushed it.

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    I never used a pacifier.

    I wouldn't force a baby to use one if they prefer not to, some babies can self soothe without one.

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    We never used one because our daughter just wouldn't take them. Now that she's seven months old, we figure there'd be no point as most people we know whose kids used a pacifier were weaning them off it at six months.

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