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    Roxie doesn't sound very classy to me maybe try Roxanne instead? I think Rosemary is very classy and ages well plus Rosie sounds pretty sassy to me.
    Just a 15 year old name lover.

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    I was wondering... would Roxie be too far of a stretch as a nickname for Rosemary?
    People use one commonly associated nickname with another name all the time and it does have the beginning and the end.

    I think Roxie Rosemary is a little repetitive simply because I would use Roxie as a nn for Rosemary.
    I would simply go with Rosemary Bertha Tran... and then decide which nickname I like better.

    I see this as the best of both worlds as she will have the sweet name Rosemary and the spunky nickname Roxy

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    Roxie Rosemary is an awesome name. Also I knew a Roxy and she's an honour roll student and a ballet dancer, not the trouble maker type at all.
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    Roxy is awesome. No offense but Bertha makes me think "big Bertha'. Maybe abbreviate to Beri or Bert if you use it?

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    Roxie Rosemary is an awesome name !! I say go for it .
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